2 Tips to get you started to depilate the armpits, and the reasons why you should do it often

Is it manly to have hair under the arm? The readers of the magazine Men’s Health responded to this question and the result was clear: no, the men must shave their underarms, at least once in a while.

The 4.044 men surveyed, 68% acknowledged that they cut the hairs of the armpits regularly. Of all of them, 52% said that they did it for aesthetics and the 16% claimed to do so for sporting reasons. Only 1 of every 10 individuals surveyed said they never cut the hair of the armpits.

It was five or ten years, the responses to this survey would have been very different. Although not surveyed the women, many were asked, informally, and all said they hide a little scrub under the armpits was “disgusting”.

2 Consejos para que empieces a depilarte las axilas y las razones por las que deberías hacerlo a menudo
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Interestingly, the science is not really sure why men have hairs on armpits. “It is possible that time ago could serve to facilitate the attraction of a partner of the opposite sex,” said Daniel Lieberman, professor of evolutionary biology human the University of Harvard.

The armpits have a lot of apocrine glands that produce sweat. The sweat from these glands is formed by steroids, lipids, proteins, and other chemicals that can provide “information” to other individuals.

In this way, our ancestors could have been in need of a good tangle of hair in the underarms for the smell of his sweat to stay trapped and thus attract more easily to a companion with whom to reproduce. However, as you may have been able to verify, they are now virtually useless.

Below we will show you 2 simple tips for you to take care of the underarm hair with ease:

2 Consejos para que empieces a depilarte las axilas y las razones por las que deberías hacerlo a menudo
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1 – Cut it wet

Although you can cut it in dry, it is recommended that you use a razor, water-resistant and you do it in the shower. The hot water softens the hair and reduces the risk of pinching or scrapes.

2 – keep it short

If you have the hair “smooth”, it is recommended to trim about two inches to avoid that click and cause discomfort. On the contrary, if you have curly hair, you could get the half a centimeter without irritating the skin.

Although it is true that you could afeitarlo completely, nor is it to encourage your fellow gym will laugh at you. And, quite frankly, is a hassle that you don’t even need.

What about you, do you think that men should shave the armpits? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Source: Menshealth

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