20 Animals who do not think to pretend that love those silly holidays

At christmas not everyone goes crazy for the dinner and the gifts. Our pets are above this hustle and festive and they have only one desire: to leave them in peace. But this is unlikely to happen, since the human can not avoid to express our love.

Great.guru gathered some photos of animals who do not share the excitement about such nonsense as the holidays and their eyes say more than thousand words.

Mission accomplished

Is the worst Christmas of my life. The worst day of my life. The worst life of all my lives

Why we are the fools if you already figured it out what it is that I’m going to give away?

This year, my wife and I choose the retro style for our christmas card. Our cat didn’t like much the idea

We do not understand what is wrong

I think that between you and me, I am not the one who has the face of a moose

I had warned

I declare officially: I do not consent to the Christmas

What for Christmas if I can’t prove what you know?

Friend, flee with me before it’s too late, do you want to?

What christmas wear? Really?

Not everyone feels the Christmas spirit

Happy holidays

Our dogs have their own notion about how it should look your christmas card

The ferret of my girlfriend it seems that is not impressed with his hat-christmas

Apparently, Christmas is cancelled


What you wouldn’t do for the love of your owner

Well, merry Christmas. Since I can leave?

Happy holidays, human

And that will be finished soon

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