20 Bars, where almost any customer casual it becomes one usual

The bars from long ago ceased to be just a place where you can take a couple of cocktails in the evening. Now it is a separate world with its own rules and tricks. And the owners of these establishments, apparently, have an imagination unlimited.

In Great.guru we collect some examples of such bars that won’t leave you bored ever.

20. In this bar there are two types of soap: one for washing the hands before eating; the other, to after

“Without scent, to wash the hands before eating. With aroma, to wash the hands after eating”.

19. A door in a very aggressive

“It is the door of employees! Has already broken the lights for 5 cars and has scraping to other 12. Please, cruise on with more care.”

18. Here use the image of Caitlyn Jenner to mark the women’s bathroom

17. Do not have money to pay? Working 50 minutes in the kitchen

16. The blade of this knife is made in the form of the peaks of the Swiss Alps

15. A third of the air of this bar consists of alcohol vapors

14. A bath for the lovers of cars

13. The dessert “The favorite flower of mom”

12. For those who know of stories

“Oh, Alcohol! Because none of the big history started with someone eating a salad”.

11. It is rare, but it looks appetizing

10. A note to avoid misunderstandings

“I went to the bathroom. Leaves my glass in peace.”

9. In truth, life is unpredictable

“Right: Drinks good.

Right: I don’t know… Maybe bears? I do not want to risk”.

8. Motivates you to not drive drunk

“This portavaso used to be a car. That car that never came home”.

7. In one of the bars French wine is served in bottles of baby

6. When you have the soul of a rebel

The local authorities have banned bars to place tables on the sidewalks. The owners of this property created a veranda in a truck parked to the side. Basically, are not breaking any rule.

5. It is only a cupcake on a cushion flying, nothing out of the ordinary

4. For those who know how to find solutions

The bar is called: “On the job”.

3. At least they are honest

“The worst table. Sit here and get 10% discount”.

2. For a rough morning

The bar “Hangover” only works three days a week: from Friday to Sunday, and only from 10 to 18. It is created for those who spent a night of too much fun and want a little bit of warmth, convenience and comfort of home. In the entrance, check the level of intoxication and, depending on the result, sends the person to sleep, to eat pizza or drink a tea.

1. In this bar above each urinal show “The War of the Galaxies”

What do you say? Which of these bars would you go about you?

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