20 Coincidences that prove the Universe has a good sense of humor

Sometimes, the universe is able to do fantastic things without the slightest participation of the man. And we do not speak of a magic show, but the matches that appear on any site: in stores, on the streets known for a long time, in travel, and even at home.

Great.guru has collected for you 20 pictures that show that, after all, the changes in the progressive matrix, sometimes, happen.

Two different companies, they took the same logo for their presentations

“Incidentally, I spent 7,11 USD at 07:11 in a store that is called ’7-11’”

“When I saw them at the bus stop thought that I was dreaming”

“My ice cream combined perfectly with the clothes of this couple. Can they be combined, also, by any chance?”

“Suddenly I discovered that the cover of my cell phone is confused with the table”

“I found it in the ground this piece of fabric that looks like the figure of a man with hat and coat”

Situations like this can also happen

“My girlfriend and I have photos of the child strikingly similar”

What a coincidence!

Drinkwater, literally translated is “drink water”.

The cheese chameleon

An unfortunate coincidence

“I’m not quite sure what is what should I do now”. “Don’t follow me.” “Keep to the left”.

“The hat of my teacher are merged in such a manner with the board, that at first I could not believe what I saw”

It seems that these dogs would have looked, by the way, a way that combines with your color

“The design of my flip-flops coincided with the view of the beach where vacacioné”

“My scoring was merged with my shirt”

“The flash hit him so fair on the globe, that it seems that shines”

“After being fried, this piece of bacon, took the form of a pig”

Does not seem to be letters on the sky, but rather openings through which you can see the sky

“We bought this sofa for the terrace… we have Omitted to take the measures”

A coin of 10 cents entered perfectly on my ring

How and with what to match impressive have you found yourself lately?

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