20 Confessions about marriage and sincere with a healthy sense of humor

They say that after marriage there’s more to life and that love only lasts three years. However, many couples manage to be truly happy despite the bad predictions.

Great.guru gathered for you dozens of confessions and honest secrets to long term marriages, full of love, patience and… surprises.

Sometimes you know, very out of season, you expect difficult times

The passion gradually remains in the background

Suddenly it turns out that your love nest is not only for you

Sometimes there is no wait to share it all, even with the person you love

Remember: happiness doesn’t grow on trees

From the outside, many things look different

Any relationship, in one way or another, makes us better people

Sometimes love also gives headache. Even the greatest love in the world

Don’t be ashamed of resorting to a professional

Sometimes, the real reason of the dispute is not even close to where you are looking for

And the solution is right in front of your eyes

You may not even suspect what it is

You try to face every difficulty with a smile

Support each other

Do not forget that together they are the best team

Although in some things they will never be able to agree

Remember, the secret to a lasting relationship is accepting yourself as you are

And see something good in any unpleasant incident

In addition, we are all very different. Each couple has their own secret of a long and happy marriage

But, most importantly, never forget that the love of another begins with love of oneself

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