20 Tips that apply to everyday people rich and happy

Many are confident that there is only one correct path that will make you happy and rich, but it is not so. James Altusher, entrepreneur, american, fund manager, writer and videoblogger, confirms this thought. He has communicated with many wealthy people and says that everyone has their path to success, but there are habits that will help you to take the right path.

In Great.guru decided to tell you 20 habits and tips that according to Altusher will help you be more successful, rich and happy. At the end you expect a bonus that’ll tell you how to get what is desired from persons unknown to you a fast and effective way.

1. Each day surround yourself with people that you like and you want to

Possibly this is not as easy as it seems, why not try both. But every day it is worth you approach to the desired goal: cancel the meetings with people that are boring, don’t communicate with people who don’t value it or you hurt. At the end you will receive all what you deserve.

2. Each day prevents the death

This practice is only a reflection of your healthy eating habits. Stay away from everything that harms you, as the hospitals do not give money to their patients.

Many are confident that with the age the metabolism slows down, the skin ages and that is why they get health problems. In part this is so, but in spite of other things, year to year, we have a life that is more static, so don’t forget to do sport and exercise.

3. Each day do what you liked to do in childhood

No matter if you liked to create stories of fairies, play soccer, draw, or say compliments. Repeat it daily: you will improve your hobby and allow you to do what you like the most.

4. Make a list with 10 ideas every day

This will help you with your plans and goals for the creation. Ten ideas per day are a tablet perfect to become a Superman of intellectual work. Altusher is sure that, after a year and a half to perform this composition, you’ll see an amazing result.

5. Thanks

It is nice when someone gives you a thank you, but thanking someone is also helpful. Altusher is convinced that in any situation, when you get angry or you’re tense, you have to remember what you are grateful for, even if it is a small thing. You will be able to distract you from negative thoughts. It is not easy, but it works.

6. Planting seeds

Many people have only one goal in life, to strictly follow the rules and move under a planned itinerary. Of course, the best success waiting for you, but it can also be the failure. And his whole life will be destroyed when the purpose has been achieved.

Altusher recommended every day sowing seeds. According to his words, the 50 percent of the flowers grow one per cent of the seeds that were planted in the earth. Not all your plans and ideas are done in this life, but the most you get if you arriegas and tests to establish more of a target.

Under the concept of seeds, Altusher refers to the following type of actions: send someone a letter with thanks, sharing ideas with friends, create a website, write a book or read it.

7. Forget about the excuses

The pretexts impoverish your resources. We often hear and say “I don’t have time”, but this is not true, since we find time for what matters to us. If you do not do something, it means that it is not important and has no sense to find excuses in front of yourself and others.

8. The rule of Warren Buffett: 5/25

In accordance with this rule, you have to make a list of 25 important things that you want to do in your life. Then you have to choose the 5 best options and forget about the others for always. Because you make all you probably won’t be possible, but 20 ideas that are less important will take away many forces and time.

9. Remind yourself

Remind yourself not only in front of people that are beneficial for you, but also with new friends. Don’t be ashamed, it is normal. It is better to do it little by little and go making it a habit.

This is to remind yourself only, not obsessed: you write that you were so happy to get to know someone, give that person your favorite book, or done something that you love.

10. Ask questions

Don’t be ashamed! Approach a stranger and ask for anything. Call or write to an interesting person in social networks.

This will allow you to find the most intelligent person around and possibly will be your lottery ticket in life. And if not, you will find new friends and possibly get the answer to your question. With the passage of time you’ll be able to not only ask, but also to propose your ideas and solutions.

11. Go to the most intelligent person around

Is the most intelligent person around. Necessarily want to do something, and surely it will be worth it. Follow her and ask questions.

In general, this habit of surrounding yourself with people smart is very useful. They inadvertently make you to be better: stronger, smarter, more honest, more kind-hearted and risky. This is a type of competition that will be rewarding for you.

12. Sleeps

Everything related to the dream has a different opinion. But there is widespread evidence that sleep approximately between 7 and 9 hours to avoid a series of problems with the agency. Altusher is convinced that during 2 to 5 hours after sleep the brain is more active, that’s why the most important job there is to do during this period.

In addition, James recommended to stay away from people who sleep only 2 to 3 hours a day. According to your opinion, are irritable.

To be so or not, we, of course, we don’t know, but a complete sleep of 8 hours in any case is healthy.

13. Don’t be in a hurry

To most people success does not comes in the night to the morning. Since this creates a multitude of small victories.

According to Altusher, he for his programme he spoke with 150 successful people and all of them had a detail in common: they worked without stopping from 10 to 20 years and after this lograrón success.

So, do not think that a great success will come very fast and celebrate each small victory on your path.

14. Learn to say “No”

This is a skill too useful, and it is very sad that not all of the practice from childhood. Don’t allow people and circumstances to build your life. Take the reins in your hands and say clearly and loudly “No” when needed. The only way you’ll be able to achieve the planned objectives more quickly undistracted by other things.

15. Allow yourself to be wrong and learn from your mistakes

If you enjoy the small things and you do what you goes well, you will never grow in the professional field.

To clarify this point, Altusher gives us the following example: “I taught my daughter to give me the ball so strong. She got them, but the pass of the ball was still weak. In the end the ball could be to reject the easy way. I told him: ’Arrójala as loud as you can’. She began to make mistakes and be disappointed because of this, but later he started to come out very well, the ball often went to the white and the blows were more powerful. I asked him: ’What you had in mind?’, to which she replied: ’I Understood that you were rejecting too much toward the left side, so I moved a little the goal’. If she would have continued hitting the ball so that it will be more easy and comfortable, you would not have made more strong. The errors helped to conquer a new top.”

16. Loves

Love is a wonderful feeling. You try to provide it to your peers, and you’ll notice how you will return the double of love. James Altusher will give you 4 important tips that will help you to apply this habit, even with unknown people.

  • If you don’t know the person, imagine that tomorrow you will die. As a result, you will cause pity, and you’ll have a loving feeling towards it.
  • If you do not like a person, treat her as a mother treats her child. Deséale success regardless of what feelings may cause you.
  • If it is a person you want, but at this time not brings happiness, deséale a good future.
  • If it is a person you love with all your heart: listen to her, help her and sorpréndela.

The most important thing is to talk with your own feelings.

17. Little by little each day

Move towards your goals little by little, day-to-day. If you want to write a book, writing day-to-day, if you want to learn how to draw, draw sketches every day and even if in the beginning you goes wrong, in a few days you will become an expert. To reach the goal it takes time. Do not spend in vain.

18. Here and now

The memories are like a whirlpool that you absorbed up to the depth, but not become the solution to the problems. Concerns about the future shocks are a waste of time. Live in the here and now. But, in the past you will have positive moments, but in the future, negative.

19. Allow yourself to be inaccurate

Despite the fact that we promised you to have 20 habits, as a result came out 19 and the last helpful tip is that every person can afford sometimes does not have the reason. You can even allow not to please people or to make any mistakes.

And there is nothing wrong in this.

Bonus: the effect of Benjamin Franklin

We normally think that a person is eager to help us if previously we had helped, but the researchers concluded that it is not so.

In reality, a person little known, is ready to help, if I previously had done a small favor. The effect is that people begin to feel sympathy towards us only when we do some kind of favor. After this, they are ready to get other favors.

Franklin in his autobiography said that he checked his thought with a rival who was hostile with him. Once Franklin wrote him a note asking him the favor of lending a book from his private library and he agreed. In a couple of days, Franklin returned the book with a note in which he thanked them cordially. After this, the opponent became more courteous and was ready to help him on other bigger things. Franklin had a friendship with him until his death.

You don’t have to follow these tips firmly, that according to the same Altusher the success depends on the components of each person, but listening to them is not of more.

What advice you would have given yourself in your youth?

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