20+ strange Things that seem to be going through an identity crisis

Human ingenuity is fairly distributed all over the internet, but sometimes we find ourselves with images that leave us quite impressed. Just look at the input type to Lego or the jar of vaseline dazzling.

In Great.guru we work day and night to find things more individuals from around the world for you, but even we were not prepared to see the list that is below. Notes, and tell us if you find any explanation.

Don’t even look like

Chainsaw and a bicycle off-road

“The handle of the phone of my friend”

The flexibility of this “pot” of gasoline

We are believing that this mask is of… is a loofah sponge?

Now is a banana prepaid

Something unique: I was born a trucker!

It trucker by day, diva by night!

Could not find a mixer manual, but, apparently, this is safe

You won’t believe that this is hand made, right?

I still can’t make up my mind: what genius or fool?

What if you try on a next occasion?

Creepy and weird garden

Plants in pants

Any thing you indicates both the arrival of Christmas as an old sierra pintada mountains

How effective can be this?

And now… what is under the bottom of my stairs? Ah, yes! We can use maps!

The floor of the kitchen of a lover of music

Do you think there is any possibility that something will go wrong?

The structure of lighting of the hallway in my grandfather’s house; it works great to illuminate some photos

My roommate put googly eyes on the levers of his control Xbox

A dazzling jar of vaseline

The game here consists in finding the knob of the cold water

Did you broke your rear view mirror? There isn’t any problem!

I’m not sure, but I think that this is not precisely how to operate the headset

When you don’t want to spend a lot of money in a ventilation system:

What you think of my shovel USB?

Have you ever found something weird that makes you laugh? What was it? Please, share with us in the comments your experiences, we love your stories as much as ours!

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