20+ Things for those who think that there is no longer anything that could surprise them

The world that surrounds us is so multi-faceted that, apparently, will never cease to amaze us. Even if you’ve already seen many things and there is almost nothing that can impress you, I’ll show you something that you will hardly have seen before: the egg of a kiwi, which is almost the size of the bird itself, holes right in the center of objects of water, and even the sight of a human tongue during a conversation!

Great.guru has put together 22 amazing things that will make you drop your jaw when you see it.

Well you see the sun if you look at it through UV lenses

The leg of an elephant

The egg of kiwi in comparison with your body

The view of a forest fire from a space station

The leaning tower of Pisa is empty inside

Behind a frozen waterfall

The skeleton of a duck-billed platypus

A mini feather of a parrot

The x-ray of a bird

A lake with a hole in Portugal

Crysomallon squamiferum: a mollusk that has a metal in the skeleton

The palm tree had their own plans on where to grow

Trachelophorus giraffa: a rare insect that lives in Madagascar

Birds in smoke, lit up by the fire

A flower similar to Darth Vader

A bubble of lava in the water, near the hawaiian islands

An octopus’s unusual color

Potatoes growing in the air

A fish caught in Argentina

A lightning strike in the middle of the water

Worm antarctic

The movement of the human tongue during a conversation

And you, do you have something to share with those who think that nothing can surprise you?

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