20 facts about “Titanic” that will make you think that you never saw the movie

20 Datos sobre “Titanic” que te harán pensar que nunca viste la película

It is difficult to assimilate, but from the date of the premiere of the movie “Titanic” it’s been 20 years.

For the anniversary of one of the stories of love, most sad of all-time, Great.guru found some interesting facts about the filming of the movie. This is an excellent opportunity to return to see one of our favorite movies, the important thing is not to forget to get paper tissues.

  • For the role of Jack Dawson audicionaron actors like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Macaulay Culkin, and Matthew McConaughey. With this latest, Kate Winslet even got to do camera tests. But who finally got the role was the young and unknown Leonardo DiCaprio, who from then on was to become the idol of all the girls of that time.
  • By the way, Winslet also did not too easy to get the paper. For the major role they fought Madonna, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder and Uma Thurman. To increase your chances, Kate had gotten the phone of the director and calling him whispered: “I have to do this paper, you are crazy if you don’t let me interpret it”, but now denies it. But he admits that he sent Cameron… roses with a note saying “from your Rose”.
  • The movie “Titanic” cost more than the boat “Titanic”. The film cost the makers a 200 million USD, while the construction of the boat had a cost of 7.5 million (or 150 million in modern money).
  • According to the script, Rose had to puncture her fiancé with a fork, but Kate Winslet decided that it would be much more fun to spit in the face. And so he did.
  • If the film is removed from all the scenes that show our day and only leave the events of 1912, the duration of the film would be 2 hours and 40 minutes: this is the exact time that it took the boat to begin to sink.
  • Cameron didn’t want to use any song in your movie. But the composer James Horner recorded secretly the song of Celine Dion, and only then gave the tape to the director. The singer, by the way, had doubts about the composition: the song is not liked too much, but when he read the script he changed his mind. In the recording of the soundtrack cried all, including one’s own Celine.
  • In the year 1995, Cameron made 12 dives to the bottom of the ocean in a bathyscaphe to see with your own eyes the remains of the wreck. It was then that the director knew he had no right to make any failure in his work and with his film was to pay homage to the victims.
  • Do you remember the phrase that DiCaprio shouts on the deck of the boat: “I Am the king of the world”? It was pure improvisation of the actor, was not in the script.
  • The film broke records in several areas, including the length of the projections in cinemas: 287 days. “Titanic” was still projecting and the creators had already released the film on VHS.
  • When we see Rose in the old age, shows us that you have a dog Pomeranian. This was done because after the wreck was found three dogs living: two Pomeranian Spitz and Pekingese. By the way, had filmed scenes of animals trying to survive during the disaster but were cut out, the director seemed to him that it was too cruel.
  • During production, the film was called “The planet of ice”. This was done, among other things, to maintain the secrecy during the filming, so that other film studios, who might also be shooting a movie about the Titanic, did not see the process of production.
  • The budget of the film exceeded two times the expected spend becoming, in that moment, in the most expensive film of all time. The film company 20th Century Fox, in order to reduce the enormous costs, was forced to offer participation to another film company: your competitor Paramount Pictures. The truth was that few were confident that the film, raising the amount invested.
  • The dress Kate Winslet was designed to look good both wet and dry.
  • The scene in which Jack paints portrait of Rose naked was filmed on the first day of shooting. The director needed emotions sincere and modest, and the actors, in fact, did not know each other too. But Winslet went even further: before the filming, at the time of getting to know, Kate showed Leo her breasts, because they knew what scene they were going to do. Did this so that the young actor would not be too shy.
  • In the same scene, Jack said: “Lie down on the bed… uh… on the couch…” Was a mistake, I only had to mention the sofa, but not changed it and this version remained in the final assembly.
  • Some moments of the film are based on the memories of the passengers surviving. For example, the scene in which a man puts two girls in a lifeboat and he says “it is Only for a time” is based on the story told by one of the young survivors.
  • Cameron wanted his characters were completely invented, but after finishing the script he learned that aboard the ship there was a passenger named J. Dawson.
  • Fans of the movie have been discussed a thousand times over if Jack could fit with Rose in the piece of wood and save yourself. A few students in the United Kingdom until they carried out an experiment and showed that the character of DiCaprio had all the possibilities. This type of conversations irritate a little to Cameron, who asserts: “on page 147 of the script says Jack dies. It is very simple”. According to the director, if Jack survived, the movie would have been completely different. In addition, it is a story about loss, and the death of the main character was indispensable.
  • By the way, the piece of wood on which he Rose is an exact copy of the rest of the wreck found after the disaster and exposed in the Museum of the city of Halifax.

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