20 movie Scenes that you did not see, for having gone before the film

Some directors believe that their films don’t have to end with simple credits, and inserted immediately in some scenes. Can be episiodios joke, tomas’s failed, cameo of the character or the campaign of intrigue, the continuation of the film. The record for amount of scenes after the credits is the company’s Marvel Studios, which like glue joined among themselves all the movies about superheroes. By the way, to not use the composition “the scene after the credits” in the united States created a term post-credits scene, which means the credits at the end of the film.

Great.guru came back to see the famous movies until the last second and found 20 interesting credits at the end of the film, which you may not have seen, since you were going right away from the cinema or apagabas the movie without waiting for the credits. At the end awaits you a bonus: a famous character appeared on the screen during the credits of the movie “finding Nemo.”

Frozen: an adventure frozen

After the credits, the monstrúo snow Marshmallow, created by Elsa, back to the ice palace, where the crown abandoned it. He placed, his claws and spines disappear, and the weather is good.


In the scene after the credits, the hero of Keanu Reeves comes to the grave of his young assistant called Chas and said: “Well done, baby.” After that put over the grave a lighter and is going slowly. But of repnte hear behind his back the noise of the wings, he turns around and sees Chas with wings of an angel, smiling soars into the sky.

The Avengers

After the credits we can see a video clip about thirty seconds in duration, in which the superheroes, apparently, hungry after saving the world, are sitting in a cafe quietly eating burritos.

Hard to take care of

In the last few minutes of the credits to see this scene with Ryan Reynolds, who shows how he waits for the start of shooting. But the sound of a sudden the bells of a church that is not so far away makes it difficult to start the shoot and the actor waits until it shut up. Waiting so long, Reynolds looks up and asks: “is This the director’s cut version?”.

Spy: a spy clueless

In the last few seconds of the film, the heroine Melissa McCarthy awakens after a night storm and discovers in his bed to Rick Ford played by Jason Statham. In this scene there is a small joke not scheduled for adults on the part of McCarthy, for that the next time you see this funny movie, you expect the credits at the end of the film.


After the credits, WALL-E changes the logo of the studio Pixar the bulb useless incandescent light bulb thrifty, and the dropping of the letter “R” of return, is put in its place.

X-Files: creer es la clave

At the end of the movie, Mulder and Scully cross the ocean in a boat. Somewhere in the distance you can see an island, the camera zooms out and the characters flap their hands towards the spectators.

Space Jam: the game of the century

During the last 15 seconds of the film, the characters of the animation are fighting for the right to say the sentence: “The film has been finished”, but all of a sudden Michael Jordan lifts the decision and asks: “how can I go home?”

Moana: the sea of adventures

In this scene, after the credits the crab Tamatoa tries unsuccessfully to roll over and at the same time singing a song by the who, if he had been called Sebastian, and he had an accent Jamaican, we all would love to.

Police officers spare

After the credits there is a scene in a restaurant in which Mark Wahlberg tells an anecdote to Will Ferrell to display his lack of a sense of humor. He has success, but Ferrell also begins to joke, causing laughter in the whole scene and the director says: “it Is well”.

Finding Nemo

After the credits end, the black screen appears a small fish of a coward, that nothing obviously escaping from something. Suddenly appears a large fish with teeth, and threatens to eat it. But this does not happen as expected.

The Simpsons: the movie

In the midst of the spectacle of the end credits, the baby Maggie speaks its second word: “sequel” (sequel). Keep in mind that the first word was “dad” in chapter ten of season four. Elizabeth Taylor had been invited to make your voice.

And at the end, after showing the credits, it appears the cleanser and question: do four years in film school for this?

Guardians of the galaxy

After the credits the screen appears sad Taneleer Tivan, sits on the rubble of his museum and drinking. It is about the dog Cosmo, he licks the face and the duck Howard asks surprisingly: “why did you do that? What a horror!”.

Great heroes

In the scene after the credits Fred speaks with the portrait of her father and touching the box accidentally opens a secret door. In a secret room Fred found the devices of the superhero, and at that time it appears your father. This account of a family history and embracing your child tells you that they have a lot to tell.

What and where is the pilot?

After the credits you can see the person who jumped into the taxi with the protagonist, but it turns out that it was not to any side, since the driver had gone. In this scene the man is still waiting for the taxi driver and says the following: “We give you another 20 minutes and that’s it”.

Iron Man

Tony Stark, back to his home descrubre the director of S. H. I. E. L. D., Nick Fury, in his home. He tells Stark that is not the only superhero in the world and offers the initiative to create a group of super-heroes: “the Avengers”.


According to the argument of the cartoon, Merida promises the witch that he will buy all the wooden crafts. In the plot do not mention anything about this, but after the credit appears in an episode in which the castle flies a crow making the dealer and it is proposed to carry out the orders: those wooden toys that Merida asked in the house of the witch.

An expert on fun

At the end of the movie, Ferris says, “life passes too quickly. Don’t miss it”. Then the credits roll. Immediately after them appears the protagonist and looks out of the room, he looks shocked to the camera and asks: “are you Still here? It is already the end! Go to home”.


In the scene after the credits, Deadpool mimics the credits at the end of the movie “An expert in fun”, but done your way. So, in his jokes he mentions to Sam Jackson in the image of Nick Fury in a leather suit in the style of sado-masochism. Also to Keira Knightley, and a new character in the sequel film. But it is better to view the article.


Did you know that during the movie “finding Nemo,” you can see the cameo of Mike Wazowski from Monster Inc.? During the display of the credits he goes slowly sailing.

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