20 Evidence that your boyfriend is your best photographer

The heróes outside of the movies, the warriors of the face invisible, the hidden figures, all that are men who are forced to lose their time and health to get the photo or video, perfect for their girlfriends, non-stop until the ideal result is achieved. Some lament these people, others admire them, because apparently true love is manifested even with the small things, that require self-control and strong nerves.

In the account popular to Enter @boyfriends_of_insta are collected some photographs that captured the bravery and courage of the men dispuetos to get the best picture of their girlfriends.

Great.guru chose the most interesting and bright, that when you look at them you will want to laugh and cry at the same time. Look, maybe some of the stories of these photos are not you are outside.

20. Photographing, photographing time and time again to photograph. And this is only the beginning

19. The filters are no longer trendy, what is important is the naturalness

18. An umbrella can influence the quality of the picture, because that will help the groom to not burn during a prolonged recording

17. A distance very well calculated for the object is the key to a good decision

16. A talent to perfect is to know to transmit all the colors of nature, the natural way

15. The shots on the beach are never enough

14. It is still unknown who will have the most “likes”

13. When your girlfriend is a fan of the Disney movie “The lion king”

12. Here the photographer was easy

11. The risk is a real noble action, especially if it is about to get “I like it”

10. “Take my photo as if you dove off a paparazzi looking at me”

9. Get to make a good decision at the right moment, until the tips of the fingers have wrinkles

8. “To this photo with the Eiffel Tower surely no one has succeeded in”

7. The photo of “Follow me” has changed

6. “My dear did a photo while I was spinning. What I adore”

5. A breakfast for two is so romantic

4. Maybe you missed the breath while recording a real challenge

3. An example of a sports family at all

2. Actually men also care about the good shots

1. But for women it is very important, that’s why they are going to train from a very small

Being a good photographer is not easy, but when you start to be the perfect boyfriend for your dear girl, this goal can be achieved completely. Share in the comments examples of your processes or unusual places for the photo sessions in which the result of that stand is worth all the efforts spent.

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