20 Expectations for fun that overtook the reality in all the senses

The hashtag of Reddit #AnAttemptWasMade presents a fun collection of photos that we chose just for you.

Great.guru loves the funny pictures and witty, surely you know us! So join us as we look through this list so much fun. Just wait until you get to the teddy bear…

What dog? What cat? Oh who cares! We just want to retrieve the pet


Lost cat.

“Yama”, lost the 3/05/18

Breed: siamese.

Color: brown and white.

“My friend thought that they were bodies rotting internal. I still ate them”

“This is my attempt to make the homemade pizza St. Patrick’s Day, it looks very disgusting!”.

Do you still feel comfortable?

“No threats”.

These cookies mouse…

A quick repair

“I thought I had a vase!”

So close, but so far…

“Let’s use the first frame that we find”

“We try to do a gorilla — bear snow”

You did the best you could…

“Get a ten just for the effort!”

“When Bossman wants to spell ‘happy bad day’ in a pizza for your friend, but don’t understand the logistics of the dish”.

Someone tried to make a teddy bear

Almost green…

“My management team”cables

How to make a soccer ball:

An ad well worth gold

“Café open for business”.

How? An adhesive strip health is enough

The grammar is important!

“Please, close the door all the way when you have made use of the bathroom.”

“A friend of a friend posted this a while ago”

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