20+ Pictures whose pain will understand only the girls

The disasters that make us want to exclaim “all is lost!“ occur with the girls almost every day. But it is not a reason to be sad. It is better to laugh with the mishaps and remember that the support team called ”Best friends” is always willing to come to your rescue. Because of insurance have already gone through similar situations.

Great.guru made a selection of photos where every girl will recognize herself.

Popular wisdom: a claw gorge is a harbinger of a manicure new

Estornudé while I was curling the eyelashes

No, please, this is not

The time came to change the brush of the lip by a cotton swab


It Auch 2!

I adore my dog and he loves my shoes

I dropped my shadows new. What do you do know of the pain?

A nightmare of a perfectionist, lover of sweets

When in the store you ended up napkins

What only happens to me this?

I dropped my base for makeup favorite. I tried to revive her.

Something tells me that I will not use this compact powder

It is time to try a short hairstyle

Only I went to wash my hair

When you decide to sort your wardrobe

Installation: “I have nothing to wear”.

I had not tested the skirt from last winter

Saga on the makeup bag ruined

I tried on an experimental basis, a palette of colors and the sun rays are not supported

I wanted to put my makeup on, but I caught them in the act

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