20+ Photos of the children that cause grace, and a bit of shame

Not everyone likes to get photos. But if you’re a child, you simply don’t have another option. Armed with smartphones, modern parents take photos of their babies from birth. Some even make a profile of Instagram on behalf of your child.

We had a little more luck in this regard. We don’t take many photos, but when they did it didn’t matter too much if it went well or not. Our parents saved everything with love in the wardrobe or even put him at the sight of all.

Great.guru compiled for you photos of users who unwittingly blush by looking at them.

“The boyfriend of my friend does not like his portrait of kindergarten. But their parents are from over 20 years ago, keep it on a shelf”

“It was exactly 27 years ago, my mother made this wonderful picture, here I am with my sister. Some things never change”

“Every year my sister sends me this photograph taken in the early morning the christmas of 1985. It seems that I didn’t have time to put on pants”

“In this photo I look as if I was destined to become the godfather more hard”

“Our family can’t take a cute photo in the Day of Action of Thanks”

“The portrait of the kindergarten my friend, the year 1986”

“Why my parents decided to reveal this photo?”

“My son turned 6 years old. I asked smiling as she pleasantly for the photo. So it came out”

Typical bedroom of a teenager. Where the posters are the best alternative to the wallpaper

“Get away from me, dad! I’m trying to be unhappy”

“Every time I’m in a bad mood, I look at this old photo of my friend. Always saves me”

“My husband says that if ever I show someone this photo, in which he was 8 years old and spoke at a meeting of Star Trek fans, I ask for the divorce. I think that you are lying… let’s enjoy it!”

“My wife will kill me if he finds out I posted his photo of the girl”

“I found a photo in which he was still young. I think that they will like”

Probably, the father wanted his son looks just him

“In this photo as a sandwich. And I have no idea who is this man”

The best photo with Santa!

“In 1994, I told my father that I wanted to be an ear on Halloween. Said and done”

“In my childhood I dressed up as Elvis Presley”

Do you remember this guy in pajamas with Sponge Bob?

The image quickly became a meme and all for the mistake of the mother of the child. The fact is that he confused the day of the pajamas with the day on which it was carried out the photo shoot of the kids. From there comes his face disgusted.

Bonus: we hope not to see in the age of reason

Our collection inspired the writing of Great.guru to review family photo albums. I saw all of it! Some of them wanted to remove it immediately, at least in our memory. And do you have any image that you do not want to display in public?

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