20 Photos of the artists “fell only” and “I swear to You that I was not”

Any cat may well ignore the Christmas tree, games of lights and other attributes typical of the holidays. And despite the antics of our furry give us a lot of problems, it is impossible to be angry with them for a long time.

Great.guru found 20 photos of bandits bigotones that decided to make some changes in the festive atmosphere.

“I don’t know what it is, but… I Need to. This. Thing. Now”

“Hmm, you had asked a scraper again…”

“They saw Me. I so cute”

“I teach them to take selfies of luxury. Collection expensive”

“I wanted to open a gift. I don’t remember what happened after that”

When suddenly you realize that Christmas is almost here and you still haven’t pulled the tree

“I found the best place in the whole house”

Attack with style

“How did you find me?”

Challenge accepted

When you plan a fun, but you’re afraid that you get caught red-handed

“Ready. Next, please”

“Wait, are you sure that is truth?”

I was chewing a series of lights. He was punished for it

“Do not look at the sphere, do not look at the sphere…”

“Did you go out? Well, now go”

“I’m not going to forget, you bastard!”

“What does it mean that I can not get close to the tree?”

“I wasn’t expecting that from you”

“My life will never be the same”

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