20 funny Pictures that have all the spirit of Christmas

Christmas is associated with gifts, a leafy tree, the bustle of preparation and the fun.

Great.guru has compiled for you some photos full of incredible festive atmosphere.

20. All the palette of emotions holiday in a single photo

19. When the cat believes that it is more important that your tree creative in 2D


—Are you going to assemble a “snowman”?

—No, I’ve had enough in my childhood!

17. “What weapons a Christmas tree? I will help you! To disassemble it quickly too”

16. Approximately so looks the “christmas spirit”

15. When you want a picture great for your avatar but not you calculated all

14. “My grandmother has a great sense of humor”

13. Holiday greeting from Australia

12. Do not ask anything, please

11. A Christmas tree is typical in Australia

10. A moveable feast

9. “My best post this year. Of course, dad”

8. The picture with Santa it worked divine!

7. Dad creative

6. “Yes, I’m here”

5. The whole essence of relationships during the holidays in a single photo

4. The family photo this year came out dynamic

3. “I made a tree that the cat can not control”

2. Someone is not very pleased with the new sweater

1. I have!!

And what are the special occasions more memorable in your life? Please share in the comments!

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