20 Photos of the reality exceeded the Photoshop

No matter how many beautiful images we believe in Photoshop, nature can always create a masterpiece in fractions of seconds without the need of editing or filters.

Great.guru joined 20 captivating photos that outweigh any graphic editor.

Tree with the full moon in the background

Just look at this change

Ice in Alaska is as clean as a crystal

A winter morning in a village

Is a color photo of the black sand in Iceland

A maze of fallen leaves

Krai Altai

Many, many geese

A bluff with a beard

Rain cloud by shadow at sunset

Look how beautiful the snow fell

The transparent water of the world

Squirrel touching the water

Balls of ice in the Gulf of Finland

It smiles!

A day ice cream

Tower in the fog

Tree that has no leaf, but yes a lot of apples

The water from this source you have a question

A plane with a solar eclipse in the background

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