20 Photos that show that the family and the boredom are incompatible things

In general, it is believed that the family is a safe haven. But sometimes happen crazy things: for example, a mother-in-law makes a jersey to the snake, or a parent is exceeded in the care of your child. The main thing in such cases, having a camera (or a phone with a good camera) to hand.

In Great.guru once more we were convinced that family life is not only love, warmth and comfort, but also a whole collection of photos that is impossible to look at with a serious face. What we swear to, we try, but we are not there.

1. “My husband and his relatives decided to do a family photo. All good, except that I had contractions”

2. “My sisters and I know how to dress for Halloween”

3. “My daughter is married to a tattoo artist professional. It seems that upon awakening my grandson will have a surprise”

4. “My grandparents celebrated the 40th anniversary of their wedding. In this feast in any way appeared as a man in the guise of a monkey and a cowboy hat. And none of us remembers who it was”

5. “My mother-in-law made a sweater for my snake”

6. “What’s wrong with you, son?”

7. “Every year we do a family photo at Disneyland”

8. “I asked my son to draw our portrait. In the morning, this was hanging in the mirror…”

9. When you try to do a nice family photo during a lunch

10. The clear favorite for the title “uncle of the year”

11. “My mom decided that the family photo you have to decorate our living room”

12. “My mother-in-law spent 30 levels in the game Pokémon Go. To celebrate, today for dinner we had this”

13. “Never send a few edited photos to your wife when you ask how you play with your son”

14. In a family there must be peace, consent and at least 4 computers

15. “We grew up and we decided to repeat this odd family photo”

16. “My mother almost 40 years ago in one of the bars of New York. For those who don’t know: mom is in the disguise of a clown”

17. “The 1 of April my sister decided to make a joke to your husband.”

“Please, touch the horn, and say: ‘Hello, Aaron ’. Pretend that you know me. It’s a joke”.

18. “In your school my son was asked to bring a photo of the family in which you cook your favourite dish. My son printed a picture where he helped his father in the production plant of Coca-Cola”

19. “No, this is not a holiday, but our family dinner is more usual”

20. “I always feel a little uncomfortable with the bathroom of my mother-in-law. All for this giraffe”

Do you have family photos funny? Will you dare to share with us?

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