20 Photos that show us that the members of the royal family are people like us

The british royal family should follow a lot of rules, among which we can find, for example, that women always use nylon stockings when wearing a skirt or dress. However, when it comes to everyday life, it turns out that they have much more in common with the normal people of what we believe.

Great.guru picked up the most startling photos that show that the royal family is closer to us than we are accustomed to think.

20. They spend some time on the social networks

19. You can defend for themselves

18. I love to receive flowers

17. I like to eat food made at home

16. Work hard

15. Allow your children to have little quirks

14. Care for the environment

13. Your kids are too adorable

12. Run marathons

11. Enjoy the most unusual situations

10. Care about the common people

9. They are comfortable to try new things

8. Sometimes, they are very serious

7. …and others, have a lot of fun

6. You can see the “star wars” again and again

5. Go to the grocery store on the weekends

4. Not afraid to get dirty

3. I love video games

2. They are always very friendly

1. They are a true family!

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