20+ Stories of parents who confirm all the stereotypes about pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time full of worries and unexpected surprises that the young parents will remember for a long time with laughter and joy.

Great.guru compiled the stories more fun that would have happened to the dads and moms.

1. When you feel grateful in the world

2. This is what happens when your pregnant wife prepares her own food for the day

3. When the old offenses remain in force

4. And this is already a wake-up call

5. Honesty has clearly won

6. “I have No idea if these cucumbers will reach for a day”

7. Teacher’s comfort level God

8. This is an intrigue

9. There’s always an excuse to go for a romantic walk together

10. When the vanilla is not so vanilla as you want

11. When you are totally sure of yourself

12. When the surprise was a success

13. When you understand what makes you happy

14. The best defense is a good offense

15. At home we are not bored never

16. In the metro, gave up my seat to a pregnant woman. In return, she gave me this award

17. This hints at something

18. That feeling when the announcement of a tram goes better than you

19. When you like all

20. We went to the first ultrasound with my wife. The doctor had this pen

21. A shopping list is impossible to guess

22. When you’re in search all the time

23. The perfect crime

24. When you know exactly who you’ll be on Halloween

25. “It seems that my pregnant wife found these cookies before I did”

26. When you finally have an excuse to go to the toy store

27. When would you do anything for your wife

28. Friends always know how to help

29. Pages unknown in the history

30. And suddenly you are a father of a large family

Bonus: when the pregnancy is the best output even for a man

It is possible to enjoy being a parent and spend many moments of joy even before the birth of the baby, it is a fact! Did you have any situation more fun? It tell us in the comments!

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