20 Ways to great not to go back to wasting even one more thing

The search of ordinary objects sometimes we take too much time. Especially, when it makes us late for work and can’t find keys or a wallet. To overcome this problem, the inventors created all kinds of devices. For example, the object useful Tile has already won the love of many.

But the majority of people live to the old. Great.guru chose to individuals clever that they invented how to stop losing it all.

1. The best way not to lose your luggage

2. “My 7 year old son invented how not to lose the only key to this lock”

3. One method seriously for not to lose the little control of Apple

4. The trick to not losing your dog when there are many people around…

5. …or the turtle at home

6. Serves up for kids

7. Merge with the wallet is the safest

8. “I will never lose that damned control of Apple”

9. Now the keys are safe

10. So the headphones will never fall

11. “I always lose my pencil. I did, for him, a drawer sliding”

12. “Now you’ll never lose the keys. Unless I miss me too”

13. This key map is always on hand

14. “The method of mom to not lose control”

15. For the dog to not lose your ball

16. “I got tired of losing always my lip balm”

17. A secure solution

18. “I took a lot and I found an efficient way to not lose your earrings”

19. It can be of much help if your comb has a magnet

20. “My friend is tired of their kids always lose the controls”

Bonus. We’ve all been through this

What are the tricks to not lose things, you know? Tell us about the most interesting of them in the comments.

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