20 simple Ways to create a christmas atmosphere with your own hands

The decoration of the Christmas tree is one of the traditions of the favorite all over the world, but the preparation for this festival is not only to organize that. In addition, perhaps there are those who have no intention of placing a tree at home, but that is not a reason for refusing to create a christmas atmosphere.

Great.guru proposes you 20 ideas to turn your home into a fairy tale for the holidays from the end of the year. At the end, we prepared a bonus for those who do not have a spirit as festive.

1. Decoration of the gate

Why not start to decorate the house by the front door? For this you will need only the tape or fabric you choose, the instructions you can read here. If you like snowmen, click here. By the way, you can decorate the doors of rooms, refrigerators or doors of the cupboards in the kitchen.

2. Lamps, frozen

If you live in your own home or you are planning to spend the New Year in your home field, take a closer look at the idea of the lamps to the street made of ice. In this blog explain very well how you have to make and you can experiment with the form and the content.

3. Decorative pillows

If you are willing to spend more time to decorate in an extraordinary way, we advise you to click here. By the way, such pillows can be made with the children or with the whole family.

4. Topiary of christmas ornaments

A topiary of christmas ornaments is another simple idea and easy to decorate your home. You can use ornaments old, make small topiarias for the home or a large one for the outside. The last came out very well here.

5. Decoration railing

6. Vases with garlands and ornaments

In a vase does not only be placing flowers, but also ornaments that no longer were able to place on the tree. Add garlands with small lights, and you’ll have holiday.

7. Chandeliers cups

You can quickly convert wine glasses into beautiful candle holders. The instruction found in this blog.

8. Table decoration

Serve the table in a beautiful way is an art, but it is not necessary that it is so difficult. For example, the plates can be turned into snowmen.

9. “Shutters” made with christmas spheres

The windows not only you can decorate with snowflakes, but also with these “blinds”. Especially because you only need to put together christmas spheres into strips and hang them up.

10. Crowns candy

With these crowns edible , you can decorate the doors, walls and even the Christmas tree. You will simply need to tape and candy christmas. But don’t be mad if you catch a neighbor licking the entrance to your home.

11. Lamps from bottles and garlands

Garlands and bottles is all you need to make these lamps. You can decorate both the courtyard and the apartment, alone taken as the basis of this simple statement.

12. Decoration of door frames

The openings of doors and arches are adorned with a series of lights and branches of pine trees as here created a festive atmosphere in your home.

13. Decoration of the walls

14. Chandeliers of glass jars

Glass jars and salt is converted into candelabra “snow”. In this blog will tell you in detail how to create this beauty with your own hands.

15. Houses of paper

Why not build a town of houses covered in snow? You only need to print and assemble the houses. Follow the instructions and diagrams that generously shares this blog.

16. Christmas tree on the wall

If you have a small department, you’ll be able to save space with the help of this christmas tree. You will simply need to garlands, Christmas ornaments, and fantasy.

17. Decoration of gifts

The gifts not only can be placed under the tree. You can also use them in an unusual decoration. The main thing is that it does not awaken the curiosity of the family so early.

18. Basket with pine boughs and logs

It is a simple variant of decoration for those who are always in a hurry. Positioned within the basket, a garland, pine boughs or logs, and presto! To inspire you more, click here.

19. Christmas tree in a corner

This is another variant of the Christmas tree in an unusual way. You can do this not only with garlands and lights, but also with accounts.

20. Jars of fiesta

It is easy to decorate the kitchen with these jars. You can place them inside candy or jam. To view a detailed instruction, click here.

Bonus for all fans of the Grinch

If you solidarizas with the Grinch and don’t want to submit to the hype of christmas, then perhaps you will like this monster. How do you do it? You’ll find detailed instructions here.

Do you know any other unusual ways to decorate your home for this party? Share your answer in the comments so that other readers can review them.

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