20+ Pets that were caught with their hands in the dough

Your pets have a secret life, which most of the times you can’t even imagine. Don’t you think that after that listen the sound of the door closing, into them the sadness? For hours, minutes and sometimes seconds after your game, they are able to do so many things! It is true that sometimes the situation gets out of control, like in a bad comedy.

Great.guru found on the Internet more than 20 people that showed what your friends of four (or two) legs do when they don’t see.

1. “It seems that I just interrupt a meeting that should not know”

2. Who are the friends of your cats?

3. “Yooo I want you taaaanto”

4. “Every morning they line up to drink”

5. “My old man knows how to spend Sunday in Florida.”

6. “Loki is a cat that is very bad”

7. “My dog was arrested because he escaped and attacked a deer. I know that is serious, but I can’t stop laughing at how it looks on the car of the police”

8. “The cat has learned to open a tin with treats. Well, at least the dog understands that behave badly”

9. “No, I was only 2 minutes”

10. A top game!

“I learned how to control the voice of the Amazon Echo and I made an order without asking for permission. Larry.”

11. “I think I just caught my cat trying to kill another cat”

12. “I called my dog but he did not hear me, and when I went to look I found this”

13. “When no one sees, my cat prepares for the audition of America’s Next Top Model”

14. A great trap

“I called the fire brigade through the security system of my owners. And then I pretended to be asleep when they appeared at the door of our house in the middle of the night.”

15. “Someone organized a looting in the room”

16. “Nice try”

“This person was trying to unlock his phone.”

17. “I usually get in the door when I get home, but if this does not happen, I know with certainty that she did something wrong”

18. “In the first place, how did he do it? In the second place, why did he do that?”

19. “My dog was house two months ago and came back with a new cut”

20. “Is it necessary to say that it is the plate of our dog?”

21. “Got a spray bottle of water in our house through its door”

Do you have pets? What crazy thing did you see?

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