20 Patterns that will help you to predict the end of a movie with almost 100% effectiveness

In the film industry have always reign their own laws. Many of them, with time, became recognizable patterns thanks to which viewers are attentive are able to “predict the future“ immediately that awaits the characters.

That’s why, Great.guru has decided to collect in one place all the tricks film that, after seeing on the screen, we always end up saying, ”Exactly!”

  • The object the more dangerous in a house is the mirror. And it is not because it can accommodate curves and deform your figure. The issue is that evil spirits and villains love reflected in them. And obviously, they enjoy doing it just behind your back.
  • A call is the dream of all the students in the movies, because you always interrupt the teacher right in the middle of that phrase without ending the palab…

  • Night, being home alone, hearing a strange noise, the protagonist is always going to find out what is going on, of course, with a lingerie more seductive. What if it appeared that the intruder is a prince?

  • Does your phone ran out of battery or out of coverage? Then somewhere close by is wandering a killer maniac.
  • Any person is ready to defuse a bomb. It does not matter which wire you have to cut, if the red or the blue. The most important thing is to do it right a second before the explosion. To view it, all the explosive devices they incorporate a beautiful big screen with a timer. The villains look after until the last detail!
  • If in the movie a person coughs, in general, this means that you have an incurable disease and in the terminal phase. There is not any remedy in view to save him, or a nice chamomile warm.
  • In the film you have all the chances of survival in any war and in different types of battles. The most important thing is to follow an immutable rule: under no circumstances show anyone the photo of that young lady that is waiting for you when you return home.
  • In each department of police will perform special tests to employees in order to conform to a couple of agents, where the more useless will meet with the most intelligent. What a things!
  • What are we talking about?” Does anyone know what thoughts go through the mind of the bad when, once reached their goal, suddenly, he gives a chat in excess and explain your evil plan? This grants the protagonist a few more seconds, becoming the unique opportunity to close this monologue with a shot illuminated, a masterful display of good aim. Although the same thing can happen to the protagonists good.
  • How nice that at least in the cinema does not have parking problems! The protagonist can always leave your car right in front of the building in which you have to enter.
  • A car that has just suffered an accident must be abandoned immediately, as it is almost bound to explode and burn. But after break free of this metal with four wheels, we do not need to invade the rush. Quiet, because it’s not going to affect the blast wave, or resultarás injured by the debris and remnants of shrapnel, the most important thing is to walk with pride and forward with the front high.
  • You’re going to all hurry on a road trying to escape persecution, the bullets break the rear glass, but the windshield goes unpunished. Apparently, there is an unknown force that stops immediately the bullets or the becomes cotton.

  • What is the best thing to unite a man and a woman? What common interests, love or marriage? It wrong! A common enemy! Above all, if you had separated. After all, it is better to have common bonds against the same enemy. And when the bullets go whizzing over your head, it is not the time to get deep into a discussion of partner.

  • Actually, why check to see if the bad guy is dead? How and for what to spend on him a couple of bullets more in that exact moment, if we will most likely have to kill him even three or four times more?
  • Rule of thumb: in the right time, you’ll always have a chainsaw to hand.
  • As a general rule, in the film women give birth directly to babies “maduritos“ color of pink, and around 10 kilos. The ”plump” already maintains well head, looks around and says “goo”. If we give him 5 more minutes, you end up warming up the food for your account!
  • If you have a friend, a skeptic who insists that there is neither ghosts, nor monsters, or evil creatures or other horrors, then, very soon you will start to believe in them. That is the first thing that they will eat!
  • Most people throughout their lives collects newspaper clippings and stores them in an album. Expect that a day will visit a stranger interested in them. Especially, if their loved ones died in an accident under strange circumstances.

  • If, suddenly, you feel like dancing and you are not able to put the brakes on so hard I wish, is organising a dance show it directly in the street! Then you will discover that all these people around you know your steps perfectly and I was just waiting for you to get you the first step to joining the initiative.

But this is not all! Leave in the comments what patterns of cinema have managed to detect.

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