20+ People who have mastered the art of disguise ninja

The girls are always nervous about wearing the same dress as another person for fear that they might be similar, but what about having a dress that will make blending in with what surrounds you? If you want to call the attention, this is a problem. But if you want to hide from the reality bothers you, this is exactly what you need!.

Ohgreat.guru found examples of the best costumes of all times! However, we wonder if they were on purpose.

Baggage human

If this guy wanted to cross the border illegally, this had to have been a success.

Socks spy

We hope you have found the waiting for him at the airport.

Warriors of chair

Mom: “oh, Peter, go and wash the dishes!”

I: …

Girl of cubism

An easy way to live with your boyfriend: sit on your sofa and not notice it.

Cover leopard

Mom: “oh, Sarah, wake up, you’re going to be late!”

I: “Here there is no Sara!”

The Matrix failed again

This guy was so in love with this outfit that ended up buying everything.

What chameleon

A great way not to pay the bus ride.

This I like

—I want a sofa!

—OK, what color do you want?

—Exactly the same color as my shirt.

—Don’t say more!

Lady in the shadow

That moment when you see someone with whom you don’t want to talk…

The nightmare of Vincet Vega

Now the taxi will never find it.

Queen of the beach

You wanted so much to go to the beach even bought a bathing suit on the beach. In case you are not able to go, at least you can look at your outfit.

Best employee of the month

That moment that being a consultant in a store the customers ask you the same thing again and again…

Level of camouflage: 100

An easy way to make your legs thinner:

1. Ponte tights of the same color of the carpet.

2. Done! Nobody sees your legs at all.

Winner in life

When you go to apply for a job with a train company and you want to show how much you want the vacancy.


They just finished the repairs and had the carpet left over, so this person decided to make good use of it.

Seem to be a marker neon is the new fashion

It was the fourth hour of lessons, we survived as best we could…

Girl in the stone

This girl is happy that everyone finally leave peace.

Who killed Laura Palmer?

This girl is hiding from annoying types somewhere in the club.

Grid sheet

When you ask to go to the bathroom during the exam and don’t want to go back again.

Mystery shopper

This woman just want to sit with your meal in the restaurant.

If, we admit it was quite rare. These guys can hide better than ninjas, and some of them could win an award easily the best cosplay of furniture.

Have you ever had a similar situation? If so, was it on purpose or not? Please share with us your photos of camouflages perfect in the comments!

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