20+ People who didn’t read 100 % the instruction manual of life

George Bernard Shaw used to say that the people that really add up in this world are those who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if you can’t find them, make them. Those who always have the option to follow the rules, or devise new instructions fit in a better way in life.

In Great.guru , we have compiled some situations in which people took their own decisions and knew the consequences of life in its full splendour.

1. When your dreams finally become a reality:

“Free! Please, take it away.”

2. “You put the rules, I follow”

“Draw the bridge”.

3. “I hope I get at least a B for its level of creativity”

Writes (<) or (>)

(Had to write the symbol of greater than, or less than. And what he did was to write the letter o (or in English) in the spaces).

4. Why is not working?

“To feed the deer use 25 cents”.

5. When you need detailed instructions:

“Open this side”.

6. “This can be a bit difficult, but I’m used to always follow the instructions”

“Touch only with your eyes”.

7. We can not imagine how well I knew this…

“Oh, eat me!”.

“Oh, Ok!”.

8. “Ready! Please check that all is well”

“Write ONE WORD (a word) time and time again”.

9. “Now I know that to dry the keyboard in an oven is not a good idea”

10. Technically, you’re right

“Please, do not open with knives”.

11. Thank you for being so creative

Draw something in the box”.


12. “The truth, I don’t think that is a good idea, but I’ll try”

“Self-Service / Pharmacy”.

13. Do you like hugs? No problem

“Hugging the curb at the exit.”

14. At least we know that the child knows the alphabet

“Write the following words in alphabetical order (the order in which they appear in the alphabet)”.

(The child should write the words sorted by alphabetical order. What he did was to write the letters of each word according to the alphabetical order).

15. Tedison, how do you feel? You look a little green today…

“Write the name of each quadrilateral”.

16. “For me, this is the safest place to store things”

Keep your iPhone and valuables in sight. There are several reported thefts in the library.”

17. Really?

“Find the difference between 8 and 6.

The eight is wavy, the 6 does not”.

18. Twins, they should be more careful here

“Falling twins”.

19. When you don’t have problems to understand people:

“Happy birthday on both”. (The instructions were to write “happy birthday” on both cakes. By mistake, included the phrase “in both”).

20. The poor dog never saw it coming

“If your dog makes a poo, please put it in the trash can.”

21. There will be a mural painted today

22. And now, what should I do?

23. Am I doing it correctly?

“The instructions are not very clear.”

Do you have friends or family members who always come up with something new? What things have you done? Oh tell us your experiences in the comments!

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