20 People who did not realize how they broke their own principles

On many occasions, the people become hostages of their own stereotypes, and not even you can imagine that someone can influence their opinions.

But It ‘s Great.guru knows that the animals manage to melt any heart. And these are the 20 tests.

1. “My father said that he did not want, nor tablet, nor dogs”

2. “13 years ago, when we first met, he told us that he preferred the dogs”

3. “My dad never wanted a dog. Now every night I lie down to sleep to your side”

4. “I never thought of having a cat, but Frank found me just today. Now it’s my cat”

5. “A year ago my father told me that she did not like dogs because they were dirty and shredded everything. Now these two are best friends”

6. “My dad never wanted to have cats at home. And look at him now”

7. “I never wanted to have a dog, much less one so large. You know Jovi, my child. I want it!”

8. “He did not want to have a cat in the house”

9. “I said: ’I don’t want dogs!’”

10. “14 years ago my sister and I will give to a kitten to dad, who said that she did not like cats. From that moment on they are inseparable”

11. “My father before saying that he needed not dogs”

12. “My grandfather did not want to have a cat, but now always shares his food with a Tiger”

13. “What that person said to me that did not want to have a dog?”

14. “Don’t have any cats in my house!”

15. “My dad always told me that I didn’t want dogs”

16. “And my dad said that she did not like cats”

17. “The typical mom who was against having a dog at home”

18. “My neighbor said that did not want to have cats. And watch it two weeks later”

19. “Dad never wanted another dog, and then found Nigel. Is bringing him home”

20. “My wife said that I would not let the dog go up to his chair again. In the morning I sent the message: ’isn’t it tender?’”

Do you know someone who has broken their own principles to your joy? Please share your stories in the comments!

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