20 Evidence that a detail colorful in the inside of the kitchen decide everything

When choosing colors in the design of the kitchen, many prefer neutral tones of walls, floors, and furniture; as a result, the interior looks rather dull and boring. Dilute the range of dull colors and add accents of color stylish, can be not only with the chairs or curtains bright, but also with other things.

Great.guru you are going to demonstrate that only a coloured object or some details can literally transform your kitchen, bringing you a style and a special atmosphere.

1. Table

The ultramarine intense gives the white kitchen an atmosphere of summer on the coast. Other examples of the use of this color in the interior can be found here.

The bright green highlighted favorably the kitchen in the dark shades of the French designer Sarah Lavoine.

2. Island

The island’s elegant in a rich shade of plum is the center of the classic white kitchen and, without doubt, attracts the attention.

The island color soft yellow makes the kitchen not only comfortable, but also add light and joy.

3. Chairs

Another way to add color to the interior of the kitchen is to choose chairs with a shade of lavender intense

The color turquoise of the chairs is not only refreshing, but also combines perfectly with the dark and light colors.

4. Lamps

The yellow color is always appropriate in the kitchen: it is very juicy and “tasty”. If you have a white kitchen, it is worth trying the combination of natural wood with lamps of yellow color, saturated.

The tones, the semi-transparent lamps of coloured glass create a festive atmosphere in the kitchen.

5. Closet

The white cabinet for the dishes will become elegant and unusual if you paint the back wall in a bright color and put a pattern in white and black in the door.

6. Tiled kitchen

The tiled orange is often used as the main accent color in modern kitchens. And for a good reason, as it literally breathes life and energy into the environment, beige, boring.

The combination of lemon yellow and white is particularly suitable for small kitchens, since light colors visually enlarge the space and the colors vivid create volume.

7. Fridge

The fridge is red, and that says it all.

The refrigerator yellow brings a cheerful atmosphere and positive to the interior of the kitchen. Is the head of this kitchen. Here you can see the design of the entire department.

8. Stove

The appliances of color will surely be appropriate to the people who love everything unusual. What can be more original than a stove blue?

9. Carpet

A colourful carpet of long hair, creates comfort in the white interior of the kitchen. Makes you want underfoot.

The carpet in the style of Persian is well suited to the modern interior is minimalist and makes it alive and dynamic.

10. Curtains

Curtains with a pattern of “watercolor” is harmoniously combined with a soft-tone light turquoise tile kitchen. Here you can see the kitchen before and after.

A combination of red and white with a floral pattern in the curtains is a classic , however, you can add color to your kitchen.

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