20+ Secrets of psychologists to read people as if they were open books

Surely you have desired more than once to be able to read the mind of other people. Some are saved with the help of your intuition developed, but if you’re not so perceptive, you just have a way out: learn how to decode body language.

Since it is not a secret that with the help of non-verbal communication we get 55 percent of the information. Allan Pease, the famous australian writer mentioned more than once. Facial expressions, gestures and body movements can take the mask to any person, revealing their true thoughts and feelings.

The wording of Great.guru proposes you to pay attention to the signals that sends us the people around us without even knowing it.

1. Closing his eyes

If a person, speaking to you, close your eyes, you have to know that you are trying to hide or protect themselves from the outside world. This does not mean that you have fear. Rather, the other way around. You want to take away from your field of vision. It is possible that you are boring. Close your eyes and bam! Desapareciste.

2. Protecting the mouth with the hand

It is a vivid example of the fact that we all come from childhood. Remember, how you cubrías the mouth with the palm of your hand when you didn’t want to tell you something. Adult is the same. Some fingers, palm or fist to help us to contain the words. Sometimes taping with a cough feigned.

3. Biting the rim of your lenses

Does a friend of yours is biting and thoughtful rings of your lenses? Is support him and encourage him. Insurance will be worried about something and your subconscious level is to feel safe, as in the childhood with the maternal breast. By the way, a stylus, pen, finger, a cigarette or even a stick of gum in the mouth also indicate the same thing.

4. Showing the face

Many women use this gesture to attract the attention of men. Supporting your chin on hands bent, we expose our face to show it, as if it were the showcase in a store, as if to say: “Here I’m so cute, admírame”. Men should remember this gesture in order not to lose the opportunity to compliment on time.

5. Stroking the chin

In this way a person trying to make a decision. At the same time, your gaze may be directed down, up, left or any other side. No account is given of what it is that is watching at that precise moment, as it is completely submerged in their thoughts.

6. Arms crossed

It is one of the gestures more common. It is not surprising that many people feel very comfortable with this pose, because this gesture helps to isolate themselves from others. Many times what we use when we are not happy with something. The crossed arms are a clear sign of the negative attitude of your partner.

7. Exposing

This pose is more open, right? When the woman wants to like a man, begins to expose themselves showing off their best sides. Straightens to emphasize her breasts and crosses her legs. The arms are bent down are a clear signal of attention to the interlocutor.

8. Leaning forward

When a person feels sympathy to his partner and wants to have a contact with him or her, normally tilts forward. At the same time, the feet can stay in the same place, but the body moves instinctively.

9. Leaning back

If the person leans against the backrest of his seat, makes it clear that is bored with the conversation. You may feel uncomfortable in the presence of his interlocutor.

10. Tip, heel

Yes, adults do, too. Not just the children. This gesture indicates that the person is very worried.

11. Rubbing his hands

It is said that the hands convey what the head thinks. When we rub the hands, usually expressed expectations or hope of some success in something. In other words, we make this gesture when we think of the future benefits.

12. Handshake “glove”

If your partner saludándote grabs you with both hands, so it shows that you can trust him.

13. Squeeze with the palm up

The palm up, covering the hand of the speaker, shows empathy, but only if you do it once. If the hands were already snatched up by a certain time and after someone put the palm of your hand up, you can indicate your desire to show who is in charge.

14. Grip with the palm down

To support the hand of your partner, it is as if you speak of your willingness to help.

15. Squeeze with a touch

With the available hand the person can touch the forearm, elbow or the back of the person you are greeting. This invasion of personal space shows the need of communication. And the more close to the body is, the greater is the need.

16. Straightening the tie

Here everything depends on the situation. If it is a man who does so in the presence of a woman, it is highly possible that you like. But also this gesture may mean that the person does not feel comfortable. It may be that you have lied or just want to go to.

17. Collecting hairs non-existent

It is so-called the gesture of repression. Most of the times people use it to express their disagreement tacit. In other words, do not express openly their opinion, but it certainly does not agree with what is happening around you.

18. Feet up on the table

This gesture can mean many things: bad manners, lack of respect, a wish to boast as a great chief or concern for their health. Anyway, the psychologists tend to believe that even if you feel very comfortable in this posture, it would be best to use in your home or in the presence of your family.

19. Riding the chair

A chair is not a horse and its support, although in a way it may seem, is not a shield. In addition, it was made for other purposes. So many people don’t like this way of sitting around, because at the intuitive level we feel a lot of aggression from the person “mounted”. Usually, key persons use this position.

20. Playing with the shoe

The leg cross is one of the poses female more attractive. And if we add the play with the shoe half-removed, accentuate it even more. This gesture speaks of a state of mind relaxed and tranquil and serves as a kind of green light to the man.

21. Eye contact

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and also a perfect instrument of communication. There we can read all the feelings and emotions of the interlocutor. The lovers stare at it in the eyes, waiting-unconsciously-to see how to enlarge. And this is very noticeable, because the pupils may increase in size up to 4 times, compared with its normal state. And, by the way, if the person puts brava, his eyes become as a few accounts due to the maximum reduction of the pupils.

Illustrator Anna Syrovatkina for Great.guru

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