20 Situations of everyday life that can go crazy any

We all have our peculiarities. What about them looks completely normal, for others, it is unacceptable. In addition, any insignificant detail could unbalance the emotional state of a person. For example, a hard word, a gesture unexpected, a bizarre action or just something that is not perfect.

Great.guru gathered for you the 20 situations of life that surely one day you have bothered also.

20. When you realize that so is more comfortable to listen to.

19. “When I see this, I become the Hulk”.

18. Sometimes this takes riled up.

17. Open a pack from the first time is a mission impossible.

16. To those that leave their dishes with food scraps in the laundry room, I expected a revenge cruel.

15. The same harsh punishment is prepared for the lovers of stirring the tea with the spoon from the sugar bowl.

14. “Please tell me that not only me is this happening to me”.

13. Who does this?

12. That feeling when again you go to the bathroom at the time less appropriate.

11. Did someone ever you will have touched a pencil with the eraser normal?

10. “This is what really makes me crazy!”

9. “And so every day”.

8. Paper towels of a higher quality.

7. If you have a chair with wheels, get away from wires as much as possible!

6. You can’t even wash your hands well.

5. An iPhone is like a sandwich always falls with the butter down.

4. When you realize that all you need, but this does not excites you.

3. Why are your elbows always stuck against something?

2. “I’ll never understand the manufacturers of desserts”.

1. “In the first place, why this thing is so difficult to open? In the second place, it is so noisy I don’t know what. The whole country knows that you’re about to eat a slice of cake”.

Do you have past these situations? What of them is the one that most bothers you? It tell us in the comments!

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