20+ Shots of the film set of your favorite movies, for many, will be a great discovery

Those who like movies possibly dream for a moment to appear in the film set, because only there you understand that it is an excruciatingly difficult process and, at the same time, fascinating. Our article today will help you to confirm this, since you’ll see how well they perform their roles, famous actors, and will tell you what technical choices apply to the directors for the movie to be exciting.

Great.guru compiled the 20+ movie scenes that will reveal some secrets of film production. Prepare your popcorn, that we will begin our virtual tour of the movie sets of popular films right now.

In the movie Baby: the apprentice of crime, in the scenes where the characters speak in the car, the actual driver of the car was a guy on the roof

Do you also think that the spectators in the cinema acted as a true secondary role?

Keanu Reeves always puts on a commitment to 100 per cent. This, for example, is the set of the filming of the movie Another day to kill

In the filming of violent Times, Quentin Tarantino has taught the actors how they had to dance behind the scene

In the filming of the series Westworld, the tiger “played” a human being

Filming one of the scenes from the movie big Little life

Captain America throws with ease to the enemies thanks to some strings

The filming of Alice in wonderland

Most of the actions, Tom Cruise performs them autonomously. This, for example, is the filming of the scene of escape in the movie Mission impossible: impact

The actor Tom Holland performs tricks during the filming of Spider-Man: back home

The filming of the movie invented Angels with Filthy Souls for the film My poor little angel

The character of Benedict Cumberbatch goes through the portal in the hospital. The filming of the movie Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme

When Superman, according to the script, it flies dramatically, the film set looks like this:

How was filmed the scene of the tsunami in the movie The impossible

And this is how it became the most famous scene in the Matrix

Chris Evans playing the role of Steve Rogers tries to stop a helicopter. Shooting of the film Captain America: Civil War

The filming of the movie The planet of the apes: the war. Pay attention to the right side of the screen, it shows in real time how will be the final scene

So “flying” Spider-Man in the filming of the movie The Amazing Spider-Man

Operators sometimes also have to perform tricks. Filming of the movie Bourne: ultimatum

And so shoot the persecutions. Shooting of the film Jason Bourne

Bonus: we can see the performance of the favorite actor of all time and time again. Here are the shots of the filming of one of the scenes of Another day to kill (John Wick)

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