20 Transformations that they brought back the faith in themselves to these women

Goar Avetisyan is the makeup artist most famous in the world. His works amaze and at times are shocking, since the appearance of the models is changed to the unrecognizable.

Often go to her women that they need not only the maqullaje. They lack the strength and faith in themselves to overcome difficult tests. Goar, as a good doctor, the assistance without fear to look into the eyes, straighten your shoulders and follow the path to victory.

Great.guru admires the talent and the big heart of this woman and you propose to see their new works. If you see a drop of esceptismo or you think of a question about the price, at the end of the article, I expected a video.

The lovely Julia after her transformation, she went to the hospital to overcome in a definitive way the cancer

The image in the style of Hurrem Sultan by Goar Avetisyan

“In every woman hides a star of Hollywood”, he says, and demonstrates in action the artist

The wonderful Vlada endured 15 operations on the eyes

Goar saw this woman in a sewing shop and decided to make a gift

For the first time during 9 years of work Goar begged his beloved grandmother to make a transformation

Anastasia performs a treatment of chemotherapy. “To be in the hands of Goar”, became stronger

The makeup lifting: to conceal wrinkles using cosmetics with pieces reflective

Variant universal: it emphasizes the natural beauty for everyday use

Madina fight against breast cancer. Goar decided to support it by doing a makeup

This woman 38 year-old for the first time went to a makeup artist

Djamila 2 and a half years he survived a tragedy, after which he burns. Goar paid tickets from Dagestan and he made him a small party at this girl

According to the words of the artist, the most difficult thing here was to make the eyebrows “natural”

Catherine has a very sensitive skin, and Goar had to take pains so that in the end she is surprised with this wonderful gift. Watch the video at the end

To the lovely Julia the cancer left her without hair and breasts. Goar helped her to feel bellade new

This makeup technique called “cut crease”, which means “to mark out the basin of the eye,”

The checadora of tickets in the film Irina was lucky to be with Goar for the third time

The lovely Lilia underwent 2 operations for skin grafts

Eastern technique “smokey eyes

Fabulous makeup for Ana, although it is temporary, but it is a strong motivation to fight against alopecia

Here the words are more. Only sees the reaction of these beautiful women

And so Goar takes 3 years transforming it free of charge to women and their sincere smiles, sometimes with tears. They are the best award for her

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