20 little known Tricks that will help you in the airport of any city

The airports have their own rules. Most of them are only known by the staff: how to have lunch rico without spending a lot of money, receive gifts from airlines, get to the cockpit or to request a service of accompaniment free.

Great.guru met in a article tips that will be useful for fans of the flights, people who often go to business trips, tourists and all who for any reason have to be in an airport.

20. Carry your favorite pet if you are afraid to fly solo

If you have a certificate from a psychologist that you need your pet for emotional support (ESA), several airlines in the u.s. and europe will allow you to bring your pet on the plane. But before the flight, you must send a request to the airline to get permission.

19. Bring your shampoos favorite and save room in the suitcase can be using a set of trip

Sets of trip are sold in stores cosmetics: small jars with wide necks to pour easily into their liquids and gels. This is an excellent solution if you prefer not to stop using cosmetics that are common to care for yourself and carefully avoid the shampoos and soaps of low quality in the hotels.

18. If you are looking for cheap tickets, planes and empty to travel without delays or turbulence, choose night flights

Statistically for the night, they fly fewer passengers, almost never find travelers with children, the aircraft is not delayed and you don’t have to wait to do the tails. Except the charter flights.

The majority of the storms occur during the second part of the day, at night the air is cooler due to the lack of sun. Therefore, at night, the planes rarely fall in areas of turbulence.

17. Accompanying service for disabled travellers young and old

Some airports offer their own services while others operate an international network of escort services. This service provides support, medical care, protection, assistance, food and other services for the convenience of the elderly, tourists, disabled and minor passengers traveling alone.

Many services for people with disabilities are free of charge.

16. A flight with a stopover means more miles and a night in a good hotel as a gift

A flight with stopovers can be cheaper than a direct flight and you’ll be able to upload more aeromillas. Turn it into an extra trip. If the difference between the flights is 8 hours, you can exit the airport and take a stroll through the city.

Many airlines will give you a free room in a good hotel with a ticket with scales (if the difference is more than 6 hours) and a tour of the city.

15. Listening to other passengers within the airport are often hidden amusement parks

The Munich airport has its own brewery, in Helsinki there are several types of sauna and in the territory of the airport of Amsterdam is an open suscursal of the great art museum of the Netherlands.

Some airports are points of tourist attraction. For example, Changi in Singapore. It has a tropical jungle and thousands of butterflies hand-made, a great hill for adults, kinetic sculptures, movie theaters, twenty-four hours, games for all ages, a swimming pool, elegant with views of the runway, and much more.

14. Are you hungry? Choose dining rooms where dining employees. Tasty and cheap

Look at this site with comments to know where is located the dining room or coffee shop closest to where you are going employees. You’ll get a full dinner for the price of a coffee in the area of Duty Free and a full stomach to overcome more quickly the jet lag.

As part of the products that you can take with you are the following: a bar that is high in calories, chocolate, or nuts. Carry a plastic bottle and after the security control pour drinking water from a water dispenser or a special font.

13. Free wifi available in all areas

There are several areas in each airport where it will most likely work the free Wifi:

  • in the waiting room, to the side of the Duty Free shops;
  • in lounge rooms and close to them (it is not necessary to enter);
  • in the cafes and public to the side of them;
  • in hotels capsule;
  • in the places marked on this map (here indicate the passwords of the closed networks).

12. Forgot the phone charger or the headphones? Go for a free in-office of lost objects

In each airport there is a place where you store all the things lost and forgotten. If in a course of 3 months no one claims a cheap object, the employees can dartelo. The charger, phone, headphones, umbrella, and other small things that cost very little can sometimes be of great help.

11. Blankets are always needed. Not to be cold, think to get clothes that are comfortable and warm

In accordance with the instructions, many airlines assign a blanket for several passengers. The blankets used are placed in a new bag and shipped it a few more times before being taken to the cleaners. It is best to wear a scarf in the larger size.

Travel clothes comfortable and casual. In the cabin, the air goes from the bottom, its temperature is lower, so it’s worth avoid to wear skirts and shorts, to not resfriarte. Try not to use high heels and uncomfortable shoes. It carries socks of wool to rest your feet on-board.

10. Choose the best place with the aid of a web site, where there are schemes of all the planes

Enter the details of the flight on this special site to view the design of the seats on the airplane and other useful information about the ship. If you need a lot of space, look for places next to the emergency exits, at the end of the plane near the toilet and in the beginning, just after the category “business class”. Remember the numbers of the seat and select them during the online registration.

9. Any place has its own advantages. Check what is important to you on the next flight

  • Often in the front give seats to passengers with small children and cochecillos, since that part starts to hand out drinks and food.
  • In the middle of the cabins near the wings, they feel less movements, the distance between the seats and the emergency exit is larger.
  • In the back there is always a line of passengers to go to the bathroom, a tray of food comes here with a variety of very small dishes, but this is the safest part of the plane, there is usually more space in the compartments for luggage, and there are empty seats next to the windows.

8. Delivery your luggage at the end to be the first to receive it. And fly with suitcases “female”

Are more careful with the bags that clearly note that they belong to the female sex. Women often wear perfume, fragile objects and are ready to shout out loud if your luggage was treated rudely. In place of a suitcase, “female”, you can use a glossy cover.

However, that does not protect you better than tape for packing. Save: purchase tape habitual for packing food and before registering in the flight wraps around your suitcase. But not before, as in the control of customs before you register we may ask you to open your suitcase.

7. If you are overweight in your bag, put things more bulky or share your baggage with someone

The weight of the suitcase determines what charger will work with it. If the weight is above the standard, the employees adhere a sticker special: the charger no ordinary can lift it manually. Takes a part of the suitcase and put it in the passenger cabin, if you do not wish to pay in excess.

But the airlines of different ways to calculate the total weight when you fly with someone. Some add up regardless of the weight of each suitcase. So, if you have an advantage on a couple of kilograms and one of the passengers has a suitcase half empty, offer to sign up together for your luggage to be told in total.

6. Always carry a multi contact

If you have some electronic devices and a laptop, the multi-not only will be useful for you in the airport, but also in the hotel, since the number of plugs in the rooms is limited.

Don’t forget an external drive, load, load very well before your trip. The phone is discharged quickly and with this device you will not have to be stuck to the plug.

5. Purchase an entry to the lounge zone if you’re trapped in the airport for a long time

Many airports will invite passengers to use the lounge zone at a price of 30 to 50 euros per night. Here there is not a lot of people, there are drinks and snacks, good Internet connection, many armchairs and sofas. Sometimes there are showers, and a chamber of rest where you can sleep. All these services are free for the guests of the lounge zone. If for some reason you have to spend more than 5 or 6 hours in the airport, you’ll save in food, you will rest well and you will not be oblivious to the amenities.

4. Take on board up to a liter of any liquid. You can also be alcohol

You is allowed to bring with you in the passenger cabin up to a quart of water, juice, alcohol, or another liquid if you pour in bottles of 100 ml and packed in a resealable plastic bag. The workers ‘ members considered the volume and not the amount of liquid: if you have two bottles of 100 ml filled with only half of liquid, you will have a total of 200 ml.

An exception is baby food. This can be transported in large quantities, but only if you fly with a baby. Please, don’t drink alcohol on board, this is forbidden. Keep in mind the following rule: a passenger is drunk is a threat to the safety of the flight.

3. Use the keychain with a GPS tracker to see your luggage and protect it from loss

Savvy travelers take the photo of your luggage before handing it over and the tourists experienced buy a keychain with a GPS tracker to know exactly where the baggage in case the airline loses it suddenly.

Do not forget to remove the old labels from your luggage. Otherwise, the scanner can read the barcode above and send your baggage in the wrong direction. If it is lost or taken in an inappropriate way, know your rights.

2. Beforehand prepared to fight the jet lag

Orientate yourself to the time of arrival at the destination and adjusts your flights. For example, if you’re flying from New York to Europe and your flight is 14 and in Europe are the 21. After take-off critically need to go to sleep, as though you were already in Europe. If you slept little last night this will not be difficult.

The opposite is also true, do not sleep on the plane if you arrive at your destination it is already day. When you arrive, hold up the night, and then go quietly to sleep.

In both cases, avoid alcohol, coffee, tea and other drinks that change your state of energy.

1. Parents with experience know that a ball is inflatable and earplugs are the best friends of the young tourists

  • The ball inflatable fits in your pocket and save you when the child is bored. At the airport there are a lot of place where you can play with the ball and run.
  • The plugs for the ears of babies are the best way to avoid the tears and the crying during the take-off and landing. To emphasize the effect will help you a pacifier or a candy.
  • A pillow under the neck serves to sit comfortably or to sleep. Some parents fit the regime of the day for the child to sleep during the flight.

Bonus: how to sit at the helm of direction, to obtain a special service on board and not spend money on hotels and transfers

  • Secret number one: be friendly and polite. The employees of the airports and the airlines in response to often offer special services: re-issue a ticket for a flight that is most convenient for you, free of charge, to give a portion of food special, free or fotografiarte in the cabin of the pilots. Some passengers with a smile give them to the hostess a chocolate and they, as a response change your seat to one of the first class if there is space.
  • Secret number two: participate in surveys and get cards to accumulate miles. Many airlines allow you to spend miles in the payment of hotel, transportation or the rental of a car. With this card you can for free increase the class of your ticket, you receive coupons for taxi, discounts on tickets and even gifts from the company.

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