21 Tips for makeup that make you look like a model

All the girls are trying to hone their artistry skills and are generally successful. However, there are some things that are really useful, not all know, but which will simplify any makeup routine.

In Great.guru decided to give you some tips that will surely be very useful.


  • Start applying your lipstick in the shape of a X on the Cupid’s bow and extiéndelo to the corners of your mouth. This will make your makeup look more intense.
  • If you choose a bright color, you choose, preferably something more simple for the rest of your makeup. Otherwise, you can create an effect of the clown.
  • The lines of the lips thick will ruin your look. The best thing is smearing them.


  • Apply a base before using eye shadow. Reduces the problem of the eyelids oily and wrinkled.
  • Use high-quality brushes to apply the shadow in your eyes. Otherwise, your makeup could be dispersed easily.
  • Apply a shade of white combined with bright colors to make them more vibrant.


  • Don’t apply the eyeliner as a marker: it will look pretty thick. In contrast, beam lines so gradual, fine and precise.
  • When applying eyeliner, do not look directly in the mirror. It is best to approach it, raise a little the head and bring your chin toward the mirror. He looks down and begins to apply from the inner corner. It continues that way.
  • Don’t be satisfied with the black eyeliner. You can try using different colors according to your skin tone. The brown colors, from light to dark, they are best suited to the skin color clear, especially if you have green eyes and blond hair.

Mask of eyelashes or mascara

  • Always clean the excess mask in a wipe to avoid lumps, for sure will ruin your makeup.

  • Moves the applicator from the root of the lashes and in a zigzag pattern as you go up, this is the best way of applying the mask.

  • Do not use waterproof mascara every day. The prefer them for their long-lasting effect, but it contains more harmful chemicals than the traditional.

Compact powder

  • Always choose a large brush to apply the compact powder so that it is as accurate as possible.

  • Use powder only if you want to get rid of the brightness. Even in that case, try to limit it in the T-zone (nose and forehead). Add just a slight layer of dust on all sides.

  • The powder can age a lot in addition to highlight the wrinkles and the beautiful. Then, you must not use it daily.


  • Use concealer for different areas of the face. The circles under the eyes are better covered with shades of peach. The green shades are for the red points. Use them first and then follow with another layer of concealer on your skin tone usual.

  • Do not put concealer on your eyelids as a base, because it will make your eye crease. And to eliminate the wrinkles under the eyes, apply a small amount of Jojoba oil on the expression lines and the skin will look fresh again
  • Don’t put too much concealer in the same area. Instead, apply it in layers. Apply a small amount at first, let it dry and then apply another layer.


  • Trace the outline with a pencil or brown makeup powder over the eyebrows , avoiding any kind of facelift.

  • A common mistake is to make the brows look like drawn. Always keep your eyebrows looking as natural as possible.
  • However, don’t forget to fill in your eyebrows if they are sparse. Do not use pencils dark: it is better to use an eye shadow with a brush to form the correct attitude of the eyebrows.


  • To keep the base compact, uses oil in your daily routine. In addition, try to leave between 30 minutes and an hour of time before applying the care products of the skin and the base.

  • Your jaw and your chest are the most suitable areas to test a new product and choosing the right tone when it comes to the base.

  • In case you need to lighten the base, as it is more dark than what you need, apply with a damp sponge. You can also mix it with different beauty products, such as concealer or powder lighter color, moisturizer or sunscreen.

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