21 Photos that managed to capture the emotions more expressive

The palette of human emotions is multifaceted. It is impossible to make a complete list of our emotions, but we can count hundreds of different moods.

In this article Great.guru brought together the most colorful characters, whose expressiveness is enviable.

21. This dog believed that it was the largest dog park

20. The nephew asked his uncle that spin as quickly as was possible

19. “Mom said a bad word in the presence of Santa Claus”.

18. Not everyone is thrilled with the arrival of the new puppy

17. A child who brave almost not afraid of injection

16. This little puppy flying above the beach it seems that is not expected to star in photo shoots

15. This little wanted to be a road for Halloween. His mother fulfilled his order

14. Champion in the devouring of cakes

13. This child began to cry upon seeing Santa Claus. Their parents decided to follow their example.

12. “My grandmother wanted to see the ocean before being admitted to a hospital.”

11. “The things in the back seat were suspiciously quiet. I turned around to see what was going on and, apparently, I interrupted the process in its most interesting time”.

10. “My dad knocked himself Chuck Norris!”.

9. For the girl a portion of food so big it was a surprise

8. A kitten very emotional

7. Not everyone likes this event

6. The dog saw his owner by Skype

5. This priceless moment

4. “My grandmother for the first time, talk to me via video chat”.

3. Apparently the girl on the right just take it back

2. The long-awaited meeting

1. The graphic description of how I feel every Monday morning

Bonus: the reaction of the grandparents to the gold medal, his grandson

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