21 Photos that show you how to live the elite iranian

While the whole world trembles with the news about the slums of Iran in need of humanitarian assistance and where photojournalists take photos and heart-wrenching of the inhabitants poor, the young, the rich of this country are living without knowing the hunger and pass the time as it gives them the win.

Can afford to buy bags and clothes brand, the more expensive cars and dine in fancy restaurants. Almost all of the days you can do parties on the side of your private swimming pools, brand new gowns and mount their own horses.

To see how to live the elite of this country, which is not associated to anything with rich people, you just need to head out to see the photos uploaded to Instagram by the same “good kids”. In Great.guru gathered some images for you.


The children of the rich do not have problems choosing the place to eat lunch or dinner, because the gates of all the fancy restaurants are opened in front of them. For example, the famous “Shapouri Pavilion and Garden in Shiraz, the entrance to which passes just by a park and also costs money. It is one of the most popular among the “good kids” of Iran.

And it is not surprising, because dinner at the side of these views is a huge satisfaction.

Another restaurant with beautiful views and kitchen face, Sam Center, it is also popular among young people. Here is where you walk around showing off their bags of Louis Vuitton, and other apparel and accessories brand.


The horse riding is always a popular activity in the high society. In addition, usually, the parents cannot afford to buy their child their own horse.

In most cases, the children of the rich have a lot of free time. Even when it is not so, found a couple of hours for amusement phenomenal. Extreme sports, or racing on jet skis with his friends are among the most popular ideas among these young people.


The festivities at the private pools are a trend for several reasons: you can enjoy the nice day, take great photos for Instagram and, in addition, you don’t even have to go anywhere, because they tend to have swimming pools in their homes.

Meet with a friend and relax in a lush courtyard of the house is also a good idea. In addition, the iranian rich spare no money in prime hammocks, awnings, barbecues and hot tubs in swimming pools: you can enjoy all this without leaving their homes.

An even better is to organize a party with many friends.

And, of course, can not miss this kind of photos.

But these pastimes are fun.

But you can also travel to the ocean, sunbathing on the beach and take a trip on your own yacht.


It seems that the rich kids of Iran they believe that the more luxurious the car, the more cool you are. So they prefer to opt for eye-catching colors (for example, gold) and are not ashamed of showing off these treasures.

The girls also do, of course.


The holidays with guests in suits not associated with the notions used on Iran. But the rich people are given the luxury of receptions of luxury and create your world apart.

The festivities in gowns, with champagne and an exquisite dinner are also in the open air, to the side of a swimming pool. That is where they premiered the dresses expensive designers famous.


The young rich people frequenting the boutiques and expensive cosmetics stores only.

Clothes with style

The shopping is very valuable to these young people, because they care to look great. Try to give your wardrobe a touch national and follow the latest trends.

Can brand new your purchases at expensive restaurants with beautiful views.

The young rich know how to be fashionable, even taking into account the limitations of a religious. You are not ashamed of taking hundreds of photos for Instagram to show everyone your wardrobe huge.

Not only the money

But also these young people of Iran are reminiscent of the problems that exist in the world. We do not know what is hidden behind your photos of lives luxurious, but this type of images give to understand that not only think in money.

What is it that you have been impressed with the life of the “good kids” iranians? Tell us in the comments.

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