21 Facts of psychology that happen each day without notice

21 Hechos de la psicología que suceden cada día sin que los notemos

In the chambers of the human knowledge there are still many secrets, but some of them were able to be deciphered by scientists.

Great.guru met the most curious events. We bet that the majority of our readers even suspected.

  • People with a high level of testerona get pleasure from other people’s anger.
  • Studies have confirmed that some people are born with capacities for mathematics and others do not possess.
  • The brain rewrites the speeches monotonous people are boring, which sometimes we hear in order to make them more interesting and unforgettable.
  • Singing reduces feelings of anxiety and restlessness, it also helps fight against depression.
  • The enteric nervous system and the brain are related to each other, that is why some emotions affect immediately our digestive system, especially the stress.
  • The lack of friends can also be just as dangerous than smoking. The scientists discovered a connection between loneliness and the level of the coagulation of the proteins, which can cause a heart attack and a stroke.
  • Some people genetically are prone to pessimism: they perceive the negative actions more clear than all the others.
  • In contrast, optimism can be learned. Not only born with this vision to life.
  • We can choose only a limited number of options, despite the fact that constantly demand more variety. This explains why the great menus, the extensive catalogues and large supermarkets with a huge range of products make a mess in our minds.
  • When you are trying to remember some event of the past, you in the background, you remember only the last occurrence of this event and not the event in general.
  • The food that was not prepared by us seems more tasty: during the process of the preparation of the dishes to us “saturamos” with its aroma and we predict his taste, as if we were half full. It was also revealed that it was more likely to eat less if cocináramos ourselves.
  • Scientists have paid increasing attention to the relationship between the sarcasm and the intelligence: it has recently been revealed that the sarcasm develops creative skills.
  • The people who were born blind are not schizophrenic.
  • Many studies have shown that people tend to exaggerate their own characteristics positive. A typical example: the majority of motorists think that driving much better than a driver statistically average.
  • When we are developing a secondary plan, in most cases we suffer a defeat in the primary plan.
  • Dutch scientists surveyed five thousand people and found that women on average cry between 30 and 64 times a year, and males between the ages of 6 and 17.
  • For most women, the attraction to men is dependent on 70 percent of his effort.
  • The mechanism that is activated in the human brain when listening to your favorite music is similar to what happens when you consume a drug.
  • If you count the people around you your plans, it is more probable that they will not do, because you lose motivation.
  • You seem to trust more in the people with eyes of brown, that in those who have blue eyes. Is possibly related to people with brown eyes have a facial appearance more and more marked, which makes the cause more confidence.
  • We change our tone of voice when we speak with the person that we like.

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