21 authentic Stories of families in which anybody would have liked to live on for at least a day

Sometimes people come up with stories that want to tell their grandchildren in old age. Especially when they happen within the families are very united.

Great.guru has compiled for you several real stories about the lives of the loved ones of some people. And although some of them are missing the special effects, all are sincere and full of warmth family.

  • My grandmother calls me yesterday and is complaining that the grandfather was somewhere, and that was a long time ago. He asks Me to go look for it. Replied: “good, Good, now I fixed it”, while I look at my grandfather, who is in my house. He burns in the fire a portrait of my grandmother on a wooden board. Meet a new anniversary on Thursday.

“My grandmother’s 84-year-old apologised for walking in her nightgown in front of me. I told him that was not a problem, because in fact it looked very comfortable. After that he offered me one of her nightgowns. I could not reject it”.

  • I have a daughter of 14 years. Go out with a boy, also 14. Very good and well-educated. Every Sunday he comes to visit her and spend the whole day in my daughter’s room. Well, I didn’t want to disturb them. But suddenly I thought: “we Live in the TWENTY-first century. Children grow up very fast. Will that make a baby?” I ran towards his room. When you open the door, I saw that the lamp nearly that was off, I heard the conversation… I Walked into the room and my look said, “I Fell!” And what I saw? My daughter was sitting in a chair and knitting a scarf and the young man was lying on the sofa and read aloud. I could only say: “do you Want a tea?”
  • I went to buy winter shoes today. By my side, on a couch, a father and his small son used the shoes. The father: “You like these, right? Look how well you are” The son: “Yes, I like”. The father helps put the second shoe: “Good price, then we will bring you”. The child is in shock: “is this all? What we’re not going to go anywhere else to look? Pa, from now whenever I will go shopping with you!”

  • I worked for some time as a messenger in an on-line store. The work was not difficult, the clients were regulars, but not about that. My daughter had an open class in your garden, where you asked where they worked, their parents. Then my daughter with a clear conscience he said: “Dad handed bags to people, they are happy and give their money.” The teachers later decided to clarify what kind of “bags of fun” delivery.

“It is obvious that I have to talk with my daughter. But until now I don’t even know what to say”.

—Mom, we’re going to buy a bunch of small fish!

—Mary, we have two cats. Capture immediately all the fish and eat them.

—Ah… Well, we’re going to buy then the birds.

—Our cats also can eat the birds.

—Ah… Well, we’re going to buy a goose. Definitely not going to eat! Ourselves we will eat the goose.

“My father bought a stick of selfie. This was the first thing that sent me.”

  • I don’t know if you all know this, but after signing up for the pregnancy, in addition to the ongoing monitoring of a gynecologist, a woman should consult to the specialists. Then after doing so met the certificates of all necessary medical. In the afternoon we were taking tea with my husband in the house of my parents and he asked about the results: “Is everything all right?” “The eye doctor wrote ’convergent strabismus of the left eye’. My nasal septum is twisted. And also I have scoliosis,” I said. My husband, overwhelmed, asked: “why don’t you tell me before the wedding?”, to which my mother replied: “When he lived with us it was normal. Was crooked after the wedding”.
  • My wife became ill. I had 40° of temperature, and even spoke with difficulty. My 4 year old daughter had never before seen her parents sick. Then he tried to shake her mother. Was not able to. Comes to me, says, “Dad, I realized that not a pretender. It’s time for a new mom”. The was so disappointed, I told him that we were going to live with this. Only that the curaríamos first.

“I asked for a plate individual with a family photo, but I received a memory with a family asian with penguins photoshopped. I’m not even angry.”

  • My mother is very hard. When I was a girl I went to kindergarten. It was Monday and I didn’t really want to go. She said that if I was going five days in a row, she would give me 2 days of rest. I was very happy and I went to the kindergarten.
  • My daughter is 4 years old. The pick up from kindergarten. “Dad, today we played princesses. I was Elsa”. I decided to joke: “do The red, whose mother’s have that bear?” “No!” “Does that swam in the ocean?” “NO!” “What’s that lived in the castle of the monster?” “No, No!” My daughter puts her hands on her hips and puts a bad face: “Hey, dad, we arrived home today and we sat down to study at the princesses!”

  • Oh dad raised me like a real man! Repair washing machine, cutting firewood… I can do anything! I have my own box of tools. Help and protect the weak. But my husband doesn’t like that… I am Also a wife and mother.
  • My husband sometimes speaks in dreams. When I ask him something in the morning, it usually starts to say nonsense. Well, one day I decided to make a joke. When I asked him something like “Honey, do you love me?”, I answered, “Yes, I love you.” Then the next time we had this dialogue: “Alex, who do you love?” “The plastic”. “What plastic?” “The foam of extruded polystyrene”. Repair long has its consequences.
  • I saw in the car my sister a fake mustache. She told with a detachment that sometimes makes while driving. God, how dull is my life.

“This Halloween my pregnant belly helped me. I present to you my costume of ’Supernacho’ for pregnant women”.

  • My husband, on our wedding day wrote in a flashlight flying “take me, I don’t know”.
  • I’m not a guy squeamish. Sometimes if I drop something on the floor, pick it up, clean it by blowing and the like. When I had children, I started to control myself, but I remember a case. We were sitting in the kitchen, my daughter dropped a piece of cake on the floor. And when I wanted to lift my daughter yelled, “Mom, don’t touch that piece! It’s my dad!”
  • We decided to look for a second child. But they were born twins. It was difficult. Chanted during all the day, especially at night. It was very difficult. One night, with my husband, we were able to sleep. She went to the bathroom. And I wanted to take something. I sat quietly in the kitchen in the dark. He came out of the bathroom and saw that it was not with the boys. In the other room either. I saw in the dark in the kitchen. In the bathroom was not. Started running by the department, then went to the kitchen and turned on the light. Nearly went crazy: “oh, I Thought you escapaste!” He was really scared. I must admit that I passed that idea by the head.

“One of the advantages of having a daughter is that you can manage your Barbie Jeep when she took too much.”

  • I am on maternity leave and my husband works all the time. You get up early, arrive in the late afternoon very tired. Normally, in the morning I get up with him, I prepare the breakfast and the dismissal when he goes to work. Today I got up, but my husband was not. I looked at the clock and it was 10. I got angry with myself because I fell asleep and not goodbye. I went to the kitchen and saw that the dishes were washed, everything was in its place, the table lifted. On the table was a bouquet of flowers, my favorite cookies and the following note: “The job of mother is more important than mine. Kiss for the two of them.” I could barely contain the tears.
  • When I was a child, my father always would pick me up from kindergarten. But I’ll never forget the day that a strange man came to pick me and the teacher said that this was my father. But he was not! I cried, asked not to give myself to him. I cried until he took me to my apartment, where was my mother. For a long time I could not accept my father without a mustache and beard.

Of course, all families are unique and, of course, each one has its poignant memories about one or the other case enjoyable and fun. We are sure that you’ll also have family stories you want to tell. We will be happy to read them in the comments.

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