21 Dogs that we mind at all the personal space of their owners

Every dog owner knows just how wonderful it is to have a little friend who loves you with an unconditional love. But sometimes the dogs try to express their affection in a way that makes it impossible for you to be alone, not even for a minute.

Great.guru brought the images more fun of these furry intrude on your personal space without any remorse.

21. I woke up because it was lying on top of mine as well.

20. This dog definivitamente do not know how to behave with other dogs.

19. My dad is very popular at the dog park.

18. Sometimes she has trouble respecting personal space.

17. After 2 months outside of the race track, my greyhound adopted is still trying to understand what it is to be a lap dog.

16. I’m supervising, human!

15. I installed a cat door. I got a dog.

14. Our dog threw up at 4 in the morning. Made Me company while I cleaned.

13. The dog of my friend jumped in front of the camera.

12. The dog of my friend wants to make you case… all the time.

11. My girlfriend fell asleep with my dog and he gave me this look after I kissed her on the cheek.

10. The dog of my friend decided to join the fun of slipping. He repented instantly.

9. I got home and saw the dog my roommate protecting my kitten of a strong thunder and lightning outside.

8. I was struggling with my dog and I forgot that he never wasted the opportunity to eat.

7. My dog has no idea what is my personal space.

6. I want to bet that the dog is called Sheldon.

5. When your dog is a kung fu master:

4. When you’re trying to send a private message:

3. I found my boyfriend, and the dog asleep as well.

2. Our dog adopted does not know what is personal space.

1. The dog of my girlfriend is in love with me. Is it…

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