21 People showed their before and after pictures of weight loss

Lose weight at the start of the year, it is the purpose annual of millions of people around the world. For some, diets and sports are a tool to keep you toned and have a slim body. But for many, losing weight is a dream that can change your life completely.

Of course we all understand that to achieve this result there is a lot of work. And the best motivation for this can be photos of other people.

Great.guru found to those that have been completely changed.

Dropped more than 90 kg in 3 years

Went down to 76 kg in just 11 months

Down 17 kg, and its face looks like another person

This guy was proposed as a goal to lose 119 pounds it Seems that it exceeded their expectations

In a year and a half dropped down to 55 kg And more than 3 years you are in your perfect weight

This couple decided to get in shape right after the birth of his son. In a year she fell 25 kg and he, 14

The difference between these two photos is 61 kg

What an incredible transformation! It 238 kg less!

Dropped 55 kg

During a year lost 113 kg

It took him 5 years to lose 36 kg

Decided to get in shape for the wedding. And lost 65 lbs!

And these guys started to lose weight after the wedding. Between the two lost 177 kg

7 years of job in itself and 50 kg less! And there were also other changes

She lost almost 47 kg in 11 months

And this guy came down to 63.5 kg

This girl lost more than 40 kg

She changed to be unrecognizable in 5 years and would prefer not to think of how many extra pounds he had in his previous life

In 11 months it went down to 75 kg: precisely half of its previous weight

Surely it’s not strange those 67 kg lost

It is hard to believe that it is the same girl but with a difference of 55 kg

Do you have friends or acquaintances who managed to change as well? Or maybe you’ve slimmed down a lot by yourself? I tell your story in the comments!

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