21 People who are seriously confused with the fashion

One of the first things you notice of someone is how they dress. The clothing helps to define the personality of people and they all have their style preferences. While some of them may seem strange, others are just plain fun. However, the clothing is the way in which people choose to express themselves and we should not judge their style by being different from the fashion catwalk.

Great.guru met the more photos of curious people who were outrageous with their unique style.

1. Is this the woman dove from “Home Alone 2”?

The shoemaker japanese Khyoto Ohata created shoes of pigeons that are two in one, shoes and feathers.

2. Can you set it up yourself?

One does not go to IKEA with your girlfriend.

3. When you can’t decide what to wear

The shorts and long sleeve are ready. Oh, did you want a long sleeve shirt?

4. Guy with pants pepperoni and t-shirt to the “Britney”

Well, for sure it is your fan more devoted.

5. By going to your yoga class as a lady

If you take the yoga mat in the head, your hands will be free for your tiaras and rings.

6. Boots that are good for deserts as for the ski slopes

Mexican men actually use this kind of shoes in a way ironic and comical.

7. I’m not sure if it is a hipster or a satyr

Must be very hot with all that faux fur.

8. A mixture of a model and a traffic cone

The designer must have been spending too much time in the classroom of geometry.

9. Is trying to keep up with various fashion trends at the same time

Everything that happens in Africa, stays in Africa.

10. Boots type flip-flop denim

What would you choose: UGG’s, Crocs, or these?

11. “I just got these at work… the fashion of Christ”

Where do you work and why you have this type of dress?

12. “We’re not sure where it ends of your hair and where begins the jacket”

Poor Wookiee…

13. Why bring this device to the concert?

Style hard.

14. Flip-flop fish

What would you prefer: tuna or salmon?

15. At a certain moment of your life, you begin to choose comfort over fashion

16. She is wearing a pair of jeans. Literally

Not rediseñes your jeans. Just buy a new jacket.

17. This is the only logical explanation

Do you really have to stoop to get his phone from the pocket?

18. Many questions

What are match all the unicorns in their shorts and their underwear?

19. Fashion has to reflect what you feel and where you’re headed

It is going backwards.

20. Shopping in a pattern of gold from head to toe

We have the feeling that their sets do not match.

21. Oh so fashionable!

Either way, the cat looks good.

Are you brave enough to use something like the suits that we have shown you above? Do you or have you ever seen someone wearing clothes so extravagant? Please share your story and photos in the comments!

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