22 Girls who with their example showed the essence of the beautiful photos in the social networks

The photos are flawless in social networking, both have been boring to people, that there emerged a new trend interesting. Users share tips and tricks (from the correct angle and lighting to Photoshop) to come here to take a perfect photo.

Great.guru gathered 22 examples of the great difference between what we see on the Internet and how everything looks in reality. Look, be amazed and admire the courage of these people with us.

22. This is all you need to know about the correct angle and lighting

21. And here it is all the same more a bit of makeup

20. Do you want to achieve an effect “Wow”? It changes your lenses!

19. This is what is able to achieve a simple forward tilt

18. A tilt back may also do the trick

17. Here it is also an angle. Well, and maybe a bit of Photoshop.

16. Angel and devil, ice and fire, I with loose hair and with hair up

15. Oh, my god! (With the voice of Janice from “Friends”)

14. Remember: the bust forward, the rear back and the head to one side

13. That someone teach me how to use the camera!

12. When I look in the mirror vs. For me, when I took a picture

11. The trick “pompis back” really works

10. Filters are an amazing thing

9. When you apply the heavy artillery

8. For this some girls want to have long hair

7. That is why I never let me take pictures


—How old are you?

—Between 20 and 50.

—What? Pass me a photo.

5. Up to the knees may become popular on the Internet

4. I understand that it is the same person. But my brain refuses to believe it.

3. When neither angle, nor inclinations help, help, Photoshop

2. Or a simple graphical editor

1. Guys, you really don’t have it easy

What about you what do you think about: it is best to upload photos of natural, imperfect but honest, or sometimes it is better to use these tricks?

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