22 Crazy real-life stories that seem drawn from a movie of Hollywood

In real life there is a place for comedy as for tragedy and tambiénpara a police thriller. It is full of situations movie.

Great.guru has selected stories that seem more like a screenplay than real life. But all have actually happened.

  • When I quit my job I wanted to leave so beautiful and unforgettable. I wrote the waiver ahead of time, and I agreed with my boss (which turned out to have a good sense of humor). That day I went to work as usual, until I finished some other report that everything seems natural. Unexpectedly for everyone, in the office broke six of my friends with uniform of special forces (with weapons, in balaclava, as in the movies). They ran towards me, I bent the arms behind the back and with the words “finally you have found” led me to the exit. None of my former colleagues came back to me ever again.
  • In a passage, always ask for coins, a grandmother, who is sitting next to a dog. The old lady looks very sad. One day I saw her in a park. Pulled the skirt and the shawl, lit a cigarette and with the voice of a man said: “We have done a good job, Toby, we’re going home”. Granny turned out to be a 50 year old man. Don Hollywood is losing a great talent!
  • I worked in a shop of digital equipment. One day it was raining cats and dogs. Our old cleaning woman was that she cried: the floor was clear, she had finished cleaning it and five minutes later there was footprints all over the living room. It was already late, missing 20 minutes to closing. The lady cleaned the floor for the last time and fell limp in a chair, cursing the weather. And, suddenly, come to the store two men without an umbrella. Wet from head to toe, with 3 inches of soil in the boots. Look at the floor, whisper something. Take off the boots and socks are going to the showcase of phones! Buy one, return to the door, put on the boots and go. The staff petrified away with the view. Curtain.
  • My friend always wanted to be a hairdresser. In fourth grade we wanted to do an experiment and cut my bangs. Was short and crooked, I cried all the way home. Then I get a SMS from my friend: “I did the same cut for that do not you feel bad”. And truth was what he had done, it was even worse than me! Many years passed and now we remember this story with a smile. My friend became a great hairdresser, and today it is the one that I cut the hair.
  • Today I have fulfilled a dream! I jumped into a taxi and, pointing to a car black with the finger, shouted: “Fast, follow this car, I’ll pay!”, as in american films. Before the surprised look of the driver, I took out the money and he took off. It was all because I had forgotten the phone in the car of the woman who had brought me up there.
  • I’m coming home, it’s late. In the street it is dark, fast path, is visible in the pocket, the chilling power given to me by my boyfriend. Suddenly, a stranger reaches me and attacking me from behind! Achievement to give a good download and run. I get home, I calm down and half an hour later came my boyfriend, full of dust and with an expression of stupor all in the face. He tells Me that never more I will embrace you by surprise in the dark.
  • In a local forum appeared a competent attorney that I was not charging a penny for their consultations. Wrote detailed articles with references to different laws, was not ignorant of the requests of anyone, warned about the potential difficulties and possible outcomes. His fame spread quickly through the city. Our boss asked us to find him and offer him a job. What we found. The interview came to a humble young woman without arms. Wrote reports holding a pencil between the teeth. He was hired as a consultant to the home. Long ago that do not work there, but always remember him with admiration.
  • Heading home with some friends when we were stuck in a traffic jam. With the car stopped and the windows low we decided to sing something in order to not become bored. After one of our performances, the man in the car stopped near applauded and, we pulled a salami out the window! He said that that was his favorite song. Fun the man. The rich and the cold cuts.
  • I’m going home in a taxi. I see my husband who is walking from the bus stop. I ask the taxi driver to go more slowly, under the window and cry: “Hey, handsome, my husband is not at home! Are we going to have fun for a while?” My husband smiles and comes up to the car. We traveled in silence. The taxi driver is in shock.
  • For a time we became a lot closer with a well-known. Not before we passed that. I know his difficulties in the work, of their claims, the problems of your family, wife, and parents. With his dad I even talked by phone. I converse at length with his wife, sometimes by the phone to hear the crying of their children. I even know when you fall behind the payment of the salary. Who would have said… I just lent him a large sum of money.
  • In the office. A customer comes from and speak with the secretary in the office next door. The door is open, we hear all. The client: “To me these documents I gave them to a young man who works here, a of black hair, which he always is eating something.” Every burst of laughter and look at me. I atraganto with the cookie.

“Work taxi driver. I went to look for a passenger. Rose a mother with her son of about 7 years. We passed by several places. During all the way the only thing I heard from her was: ’fold here, stop, wait, opens the trunk’. The child was silent, I had almost forgotten him. But almost at the end of the trip, said: ’“please”, mom. There is that saying “please“’. It is so nice”.

  • When I was about 10 or 11 years old, me and my brother took us to the church.

    Before you go to confession, the father asked me if I knew what it was, the sacrament of which he was a participant. I heard “participle” and I said yes. And I told him all about the participle, the gerund, the difference between the two and until I talked to him about the grammatical construction composed of.

  • Last Sunday we went out for a stroll in family. I went to a store to buy a juice and it took me a bit to get out. My wife asked me: “why did it take so much?“. I replied: ”there Was a row, and then I had to wait for the seller I would return the change.“ My son (4 years old) was thinking about 10 seconds, and suddenly said: “Dad, why do you hit something if you wanted to get it back?”.
  • Working as a sales girl in a cosmetics store. Today a woman asked me to show him the tapes of tweezers cheaper and more painful. At my surprised look, smiled and said: “it is Not for me, it is a revenge”.
  • I go to the theater. Third call, turn off the lights, applause, sounds the warning to turn off phones and the ban of filming. The work. And then there’s him. The all-seeing eye. The hawk of perfect view. The keeper of the theatre. From the last row looks good what part of the room, turn on smartphones. Immediately, on the hands and the screens start to dance the light and laser. Two or three seconds are sufficient for the offender begins to behave. I’m afraid to photograph it, because in melee combat, in the hands of an experienced fighter, even a laser pointer is a weapon.
  • Once, my neighbor gave us a large zucchini. In-joke, wrapped as a baby, and we gave it to my younger brother to play with him. He called Peter. All I cared for them with much pleasure, we said to ourselves: “Silence, Peter is sleeping”, and we tried not to make noise. And then, the time came to cook it. No one of our large family and large dared to cut and fry our little Peter. We had to go to the house of the neighbor and exchange it for another zucchini, not to us outside the family.
  • Yesterday I was standing in line at a supermarket. A lady who was near said, shouting: “This is full of donkeys, swarm the carts to the top and one has to be here, stop, oh, waiting for these pigs!“ The man that was in front of her turned and said: ”you can say that again, old, to, there are donkeys everywhere, only you are the donkey“. The old woman almost died of indignation: “what Donkey? Do I?”. And the man, calmed down: ”… And donkey I guess that you will not be, right?“ ”No, donkey, not” agree puzzled the old and silent, pensive.
  • My friend is studying sign language, learns very fast. One day, in the subway, a couple was arguing actively in sign language in front of us. That caught the attention of my friend and just stared. The young woman noticed and asked with sign: “Are you spying on a conversation outside?” My friend didn’t think nothing better than to deny with the head.
  • Everything you need to know about my mother-in-law: in our house there is a tea-more-or-less and a this-yes-it-is-a-tea-of-truth. The difference is that the first tea is a cheap and the second is the same tea cheap placed in a container of expensive tea.
  • Situation in a shop in a residential neighborhood:

The daughter, about 6 or 7 years: “Mamaaá, buy me “Schweppes”!

Mom: “No, you won’t want to drink it, it is bitter“.

Daughter: ”Yes that drink! With the grandfather until I drank beer!”

Mom: *О_О*

The cashier: *О_О*

  • Work as a salesman in a bakery. In our territory the pigeons are fat and sassy. Yesterday I saw that one of my friends feathery had crossed shamelessly the borders of my territory and was about to have lunch. I yelled: “Hey, what the heck you want here!“, and I encaminé towards her. Then I saw that the door was our general overseer, who said to me: ”I only wanted to order a few buckets…” Puzzled, I replied: “okay, for the Friday will be”. I still don’t know if he had seen the dove or not.

Bonus: sometimes, the Hollywood stars behave in real life like in a movie. Here, take comfort in a direct line to the victims of the hurricane, “Irma”.

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