22 Designers that definitely should stay without pay this month

The designers always dream of to develop or improve something, and sometimes this never-ending creativity becomes a suffering for you then you have to use “the masterpiece”. If you want to see a selection of photos collected by users that yes they had the luck, are in the right place.

Great.guru brings you 22 pictures with some creative ideas that can hardly be applauded.

This cutting board has a special edge, where you must drop the liquid when they are cut the products in it. However, the hole in the middle cancels that option

What a lamp hairy?

The face of the young should be right in the middle

This is a watch for true giants

A perfectionist of insurance would faint here

If you think that there are never any empty spaces in the parking lot, look at this. ¡Jaque mate!

It hurts to see you

“My education page believes that the yellow signal of the traffic light is down”

One of two: or the matrioshkas have something in mind, or the painter was very tired

Something is not right…

Yes, I saw well, it is a switch on the roof

No one would want to brush their teeth there

I present to you the kitchen of my new apartment

The soap is hard to get

This pen will have two drafts. It is more, I think that even mine to write brings

Oh really?!

There must be a space in hell for those who do that kind of stuff

It is not easy to enter or exit this bathroom

The beauty is everywhere…

This hotel has a window within the shower, what will it be?

When you forget the rule in the house

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. What thing?!

What other examples of “super-designs” have you seen it?

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