22 Evidence that a loving relationship prolongs the life of both as the laughter

Find your other half is beautiful; but the more beautiful it is even when nature has given them both the same sense of humor. We discovered that some people are able to treat with humour even to such a fact as important as the pregnancy. And their fights never last long because I always end up with jokes for each other.

Great.guru introduces you to a few funny moments, and touching the lives of couples who demonstrate that there should not be boredom in a relationship.

“The face of my wife on our wedding day and his face during his encounter with Rob Lowe”

The story had a sequel unexpected: Internet users found photos of Rob Lowe with his wife and compared them with the previous image

“My wife gave me a book of Bob Ross ’Little blessed accidents’. Inside was this photo”

“In the first quote I quipped that I would like to have a portrait of Jeff Goldblum from ’Jurassic Park’. Four months later, my boyfriend gave it to me for my birthday”

Me: “Are you angry with me?”

Her: “No, even you I left pizza”

“My wife caught me in the moment more and more unpleasant, when she would play with fireworks”

“I took a picture of my wife running away gracefully from the frame”

“Look what my boyfriend made for me”

“For Christmas, I tried to make my girlfriend a pillow with the shape of your dog, but something went wrong”

“I left my boyfriend for 5 minutes next to my hair hairpiece”

When your girlfriend is also your best friend

“I didn’t want to have a cat, but my wife yes. So we have come to an agreement and we had a cat. It is the best deal I have ever done in my life”

“Every time my wife gets up at 3 in the morning to feed the baby, we cook the same ’delicacy’: peanut butter with apple”

“I took a picture of my girlfriend with our cat”

With such parents, the children certainly had a very happy childhood

“We’re going to get married in a bouncy castle!”, she said

“I asked him for marriage to my bride-to-16 meters deep”

“I heard my boyfriend laughing at night in the bathroom. This was what I saw in the morning in place of toilet paper”

“For Valentine’s day, my girl ordered a portrait of the two of us with our cat”

“I drew myself with my boyfriend in the style of “Rick and Morty”

“My girlfriend gave me this”

“In the event of a liquidation, break the glass”.

“My wife asked me to improve the video of our wedding”

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