22 humorous Pictures of people very, very, very cautious

Some people have a special gift: the prudence. Can break your bike if in doubt, so that nobody steals, or hanging a padlock on the box of the fire extinguisher for anybody to take away.

The best thing is that his imagination seems limitless and Great.guru never tires of sharing fun photos of the “inventions” creative of these people.

Anti-theft system, TWENTY-first century

The art of packing

The security is above everything

“ … Give them space to cyclists!”

A few horns very safe

Follow the instruction

You no longer have to worry about

All this opens by unlocking just one lock. No matter what

This policeman forgot the lock for his bike, so had to improvise

Some bathrooms make you feel that someone cares about you

And this is not the limit!

This bear did the opposite

That is why women live longer than men

The owner of the house warned me to close always the door with a key

The traffic signal more current

It’s very convincing!

In case of the zombie apocalypse

The toilet paper is secured!

To the side of this garage there is a Polaroid camera instead of a surveillance camera

Protection one hundred percent

This guy prepared for a hurricane, but for some reason left the car outside the garage

Now the sand is well protected

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