22 Inventions fabulous that we needed for a long time and finally were created

We live in a wondrous time in which the technological progress carefully helps us and makes our lives easier. Dozens of events arise in the everyday world and many of them can be considered true masterpieces of engineering.

In Great.guru we admire those who create things are truly smart and we want to show the objects that we all should get as soon as possible.

1. An invention simple which will make your pet look directly at the camera

2. Belt that will always support and will hold your bottle

3. A ledge to either pass the time in the tub

4. Scissors with a laser that trace the straight line for cutting

5. Dishes with compartments for sauces and dressings

6. Fastener for enamel

7. Support for bucket: as if we had pulled out from a broth

8. Squeezer for toothpaste

9. Device to remove the leaves from the strawberries

10. When there are no pockets: flip flops with hidden compartment

11. Support for bottles with sauces “upside down”: you don’t have to shake off the muddled each time you want to use it

12. Device for cleaning the lenses

13. Steps to the armchair, to the small pets

14. Device to load a mobile of another: you can now steal a bit of energy to your friend

15. Lighting for the bathroom for not turning on the light

16. To wash the paws after a walk

17. A special knife for the true fans of “Nutella”: so nothing will be left in the bottom of the bottle

18. Another device for the “Nutella” of silicone: this is how we had always dreamed of eating this pasta

19. Picker cleaner lint, broom

20. Kitchen knife for the salad style karate

21. Plate inserted in the finger

22. Scissors for pizza

What kind of devices you will need to live comfortably? Tell us in the comments, maybe inspire someone to create them.

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