22 Montages photos fun where their creators left fly your imagination

Some images are adjusted by the gurus of the picture to make the original look even more beautiful. In other cases, change details to conceal what it wants to cover and some of the others are edited with no more purpose than to express the imagination and make us laugh.

Great.guru prepared the bursts, the more fun the imagination of the geniuses of Photoshop that does not know limits. Look what photo was the inspiration for a painting world famous!

22. Human: just a photo a great time with a lazy to share it on the social networks!

Lazy: My chance to shine, to be noticed and reach my dream!

21. Keep walking and act naturally…

How? What it was not you who blew up that car?

20. During the day I’m just a goat who loves nature.

But the night brings out the rocker in me.

19. Practicing…

…to star in the new blockbuster “War of the squirrels”.

18. Human, it brings your vacuum cleaner and put it under my face.

I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!

17. This break between scenes reminds me of something…

Oh, here you are! Every classroom has them.

16. And it was then when it hit me. My cat has the power of…

…become the missing link in a synchronized swimming team!

15. I just moved to a big city from a small town!

Great life in the city, just you try to stop me.

14. Just a curious cat…

…who wants to sell you an insurance against storms.

13. I’m still playing these fragments of time…

It fragments my time in las Vegas! “What happens in Vegas stays in my mind forever!

12. The first day of my diet without sugar…

…and I see ice cream everywhere!

11. I know what you did last night.

“You ate my sandwich!

10. When you see a dog dreaming awake…

…definitely has something to do with a human touching his head!

9. Have No idea…

…you are about to become my ornament exclusive hair!

8. I’m just a cute guinea pig.

Until the time comes to inspect the troops!

7. Do you want problems?

Can double problem?

6. You know at that…

…I taught him to Bruce Lee!

5. The queen of England is never seen without his bag…

…just because she saved his sword!

4. Every cat dreams of…

…let’s dogs serving!

3. This is…

…Oh, sparta!

2. Where did you get so handsome?

What mom or dad?

1. It is difficult to tell who is more frightened.

But both were the inspiration for “The scream”, only that the flame is going in the action, and the withdrew from the original painting. True, without touch-ups!

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