22 People whose sense of humor could be considered as his super power

Most of us love to laugh, but there is a special category of people who can see the humor in any situation, even in the most serious.

Great.guru put together a new portion of fun photos from those who know how to laugh at the circumstances and of themselves.

“I cut my dog and now looks like someone who stopped taking”

When you try to help your parents learn to use the computer

“I work in a IT company. This is our tree”

“At work, they painted the garbage containers”

Who needs a laptop if a Mac fits perfectly in a bag normal?

“I decided to disfrazarme tree for the costume contest. Although with my height I look like more of a”bush

If your party does not seem in the least to this, or even try inviting me

The granddaughter of Santa is expecting a child

What to do if you accidentaste, and you’re waiting for the police

“To my fellow mormon amuses when people think that they have several wives (not true). It occurred to her to play them a joke and take this picture”

The restaurant has a reason

What a joy!

Ñom ñom ñom ñom

“So my neighbor 102 is prepared for the solar eclipse”

“My pregnant wife tested how to swaddle babies. The cat does not look thrilled with the idea”

“Today, I caught a sword fish”

“My wife took on the mantle of Lara Croft for Halloween. You do not have a leg, so he had to improvise”

“My girlfriend gave me a rug for a mouse with the photo more I like it”

“My ’progress’ before and after the wedding and the birth of my children”

—Tell me the letters of the top row.

—Doctor, where are you?

Never, never lower the guard

“My girlfriend is always faithful to his words”

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