23 Photos that cover the whole irony of the phrase “Good day!”

The morning is the moment that establishes the mood for the whole day. And it is understandable that all want to be the best possible, but many times it happens that just in the mornings, nothing goes according to plan.

Great.guru met 23 pictures that show the morning is especially bad for some people.

When you have not yet awakened, but you already want yogurt

If the manufacturers of potato chips made bread

“My wife prepared me a cake, but fell down when you pull it out of the oven”

Good day!

“You may never go back to drinking coffee in the morning”

“And brush my teeth either”

Excellent way of tying the hair with a comb

“I think that I imply that it will be better to stay at home”

“My wife put my lunch in a new container for the food, but something went wrong”

The breakfast went wrong

To prepare coffee to wake up. To wake up, drink coffee. It is a vicious circle

The microwave is hinting that the popcorn are not the best breakfast

“I went to the kitchen in the morning and realized that my dog I had advance”

Or grooming, or wash the dishes

“I spent 20 minutes looking for the tablet with cover new”

“I’m going in the morning to the bathroom, and there…”

“I just wanted to divide the frozen fruit”

“I hit a egg without yolk, how is that possible?”

The dog, of course, has nothing to do

The mission: “to dig the car by the morning”

“A bird too talented flew over my car,”

“Yes, my cat loves to make my mornings more enjoyable”

It seems that the day of this man has not started too well

Tell us, what are your mornings? Do you also happen mishaps? And if you have something to show you about the topic, don’t attach photos in the comments.

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